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1 relay relay expansion board with optocoupler relay module 1 way high and low trigger



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Relay 1 relay module relay expansion board with optocoupler and LED warning lamp;

You can set high and low trigger.

The relay can be powered solely JD-VCC;

IN signal input voltage: 0-5V;

Relay default 5V relay.

Large need 12V, 24V contact orders.

The input signal can 3.3V5V

They are active low. Support 3.35V,
Jumper above. You can set high and low
Relays and power supply systems can be separated
There is a jumper cap settings. Hop cap off. May be powered separately
Only one way can a high level trigger
2-way 4-way 8-way 16 are low-level triggered
16 is a 12V relay 12V power supply. . 0-5V input logic level (0-3.3V may be)Board power supply board module LM2576-5.0
1 relay module 2 relay module 4 relay 8 relay module is the default module 5V relay, 16 relay module is the default 12V relay.


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