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100W DC-DC power adjustable boost module 3.0 ~ 35V 3.5 ~ 35V inductance



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DC-DC High Power 100W Adjustable boost module 3.0 ~ 35V Rise 3.5 ~ 35V With a digital voltmeter


Show some use more advanced micro cessor voltmeter, part of the United States boost boost controller, through the use of power MOSFET On-resistance while eliminating the need for a current sense resistor, maximizing efficiency, efficiency up 96.4% . s of high-power low resistance MOS Pipe, large package, high current, high efficiency Schottky, wide thickened PCB Alignment, high power efficiency and low temperature rise is . Wide voltage operation, when the input and output voltages are 20V Or more can be achieved 128W Output Power. Long-life high-frequency switching power supply for high-capacity low resistance ( low ESR) Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, so lower output ripple. Chip modules are , Full use of materials, stable performance!

Module Highlights:

Module 12A Integrally molded high inductance So that the module's input current 7A ?Conservative parameters? In the long-term stable operation, greatly im ving the performance of the module.? Most of the market similar ducts are used in 5A General inductance, performance parameters vacuity, we must pay attention! ?

100W High Power high efficiency

With power indicator light!
Onboard voltage meter, voltage meter can self-calibration, will never exist without accurate voltmeter blem! !


Second, the performance parameters:

1 ,Input voltage: 3 ~ 35V Direct-current ( Note: The input voltage is less than 4V Onboard voltmeter failure )

2 Input current: Peak 9A ?Recommended 7A Use within?

3 ,The output voltage: 3.5 ~ 35V Direct-current ( This board is a step-up board, the output voltage to = Input voltage )

4 Output current: 6A ?Recommended 5A Use within?

5 ,Output Power: 75W ,?When the input voltage is greater than output 16V Can be achieved when 100W ?

6 , Conversion efficiency: 96.7% ?highest?

7 Onboard voltage meter range: 4 ~ 40V ,error + -0.1V

8 , Short-circuit tection:?Current restrictions 14A ) . Tips: When access to high-power load, as just machines Assembly inrush current limiting is self-locking tection, it is recommended to boot, then access to the load.

9 , Input reverse polarity tection: None?If required, please enter the string into the high-current diode?.

10 ,long x width x high = 67 * 42 * 12MM

11 ,weight: 38g


Third, the scope of application:

1 , DIY A power supply, input 5V Can, can output 5-35V Adjustable.

2 For your electronic equipment power supply, according to your system can set the output voltage value. E.g 3.7V L lithium 5V Do mobile power, 7.4V or 12V Rise 19 To the laptop power supply.

3 , As the vehicle power supply for your laptop, PDA Or a variety of digital ducts supply.

Onboard voltage meter self-calibration method:

1. When the board voltmeter shows the output voltage, long press on the right button 2 Seconds after the release, voltmeter and an output voltage indicator OUT Synchronous flashing, this time into the output voltage adjustment mode; Similarly, when the input voltage voltmeter display, press the button on the right side 2 Seconds after the release, voltmeter and input voltage indicator IN Synchronous flashing, this time into the input voltage adjustment mode;

2. Touch the button on the right side, the voltage increases a unit, touch the button on the left side, a voltage reduction unit; since the voltage value of less than one unit 0.1V , So you need to continuously press 1-5 Times to see changes in the voltmeter 0.1V Specific continuous button several times depending on the voltage value currently displayed, the current display higher the voltage, the less the number of press;

3. After the voltage is adjusted, press the button on the right side 2 Seconds after the release, this time to exit calibration mode voltage, All parameters set to automatically power-down save .

Note: This function is used to calibrate the voltage display accuracy is not used to regulate the voltage at the output values. This feature is designed to meet your higher accuracy requirements of the design, you only need to calibrate once you can get accurate values on the entire range, ease of use.

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