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100W DC-DC power adjustable boost module 3.0 ~ 35V 3.5 ~ 35V liter with digital voltmeter



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This duct is used by the US boost IC and high-power MOS tube, the output power, high efficiency?96%?, Wide voltage, output power up to 65W, when the input and output voltages are 20V up to 100W output power above. Very wide range of applications, for example, 3.7V lithium-liter do mobile power 5V, 7.4V or 12V L 18 to the laptop power supply, etc., and on-board voltage meter can measure the value of the input voltage and output voltage, IN Light is measured input voltage, OUT Lights is the measured output voltage and voltmeter function can be turned off, unplug the P3 jumper cap when not on the list. Even without a multimeter can also be very convenient to adjust the desired voltage

Please pay attention to the positive and negative inputs

Performance parameters:

  • input voltage: 3 ~ 35V DC (Note: The input voltage is less than 4V, onboard voltmeter failure)
  • input current: 9A?max?
  • output voltage: 3.5 ~ 35V DC (this plate is a step-up board, the output voltage to the input voltage =)
  • output current: 6A?max?
  • output power: 65W,?When the input voltage is greater than 20V output can reach 100W?
  • conversion efficiency: 96%?highest?
  • the output ripple: 40mV (TYP)
  • the onboard voltage meter Range: 4 ~ 40V, error + -0.1V
  • L x W x H =6.75x4.15x1.4CM


Found efficiency table :( All test board voltmeter are closed)

Input voltage The output voltage Output current Output Power effectiveness
5.0V 12V 1A 12W 94.1%
5.0V 12V 2A 24W 93.1%
7.4V 12V 1A 12W 95.4%
7.4V 12V 2A 24W 94.8%
7.4V 18V 1A 18W 94.5%
7.4V 18V 2A 36W 94.2%
7.4V 18V 3A 54W 93.8%
12V 18V 1A 18W 96.1%
12V 18V 2A 36W 95.5%
12V 18V 3A 54W 94.3%
18V 24V 1A 24W 96.5%
18V 24V 2A 48W 96.2%
18V 24V 3A 72W 95.7%
24v 32v 3.5A 112W 96.4%


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