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1. The use of soil sensors duced by our company to do testing soil moisture, the surface nickel plated, induction area widened, can im ve conductivity, to prevent contact with the soil rust blems and long life;
2. When the duct can control a wide range of soil moisture, adjust the corresponding threshold control potentiometer, the humidity is below the set value, start relay, higher than the set value, the relay is switched off;
3. duct with delay function, delay 3-5 seconds, when the humidity is detected in the critical state, the relay will not flicker, flicker occurs;
4. The ducts using loose music relays, can withstand 1500W load, to meet the requirements of most people;
5. The duct has a power indicator and relay instructions;
Electrical parameters:
Supply voltage: 12VDC Input Current: more than 100ma
Load: 250V10A 30V10A AC or DC (below the current within this range can be used)
Module Description:
1. The sensors are suitable for soil moisture detection;
2. The modules in the blue potentiometer is a threshold for soil moisture adjustment clockwise adjustment will control the humidity, the smaller the counter-clockwise;
3. Because of this module with delay function in the regulation of humidity values, adjusted once every 5-8 seconds to wait, to see changes in relay, the green LED lights also have corresponding changes, until transferred to meet the requirement.

Two small board interface description?2-wire?
1 VCC 3.3V-5V external
2 GND External GND

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