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2.4-inch TFT color LCD touch-screen LCD module supports 12864 Interface ILI9325



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The LCD module with touch 2.4TFT

Driver IC for the most commonly used ILI9325 or ILI9328 (compatible?

(ILI9325 as the whole of 's most successful, the most widely used of the IC, enduring, with the overwhelming majority of users, so it is very exchange Convenience, online information is very rich, and the IC information is also being translated into Chinese version, the IC does not have other advantages?

Without cottage icons, very beautiful.

Resolution: 240X320 QVGA, 262K color support

The board added a 3.3V voltage regulator chip and 74HC245D, both applications can also be applied on a 5V microcontroller on 3.3V microcontroller.

Handwriting touch, electronic photo album, Chinese and English display, the effect is absolutely first class, vide schematics, interface circuit and 51 drivers mature ven routines?Including Kanji test, touch handwriting, image display, and other cedures?

C has some basis, one can understand.





Large quantities of stock, out of stock without worries.


12864 compatible interfaces, suitable for all MCU and LCD screen lovers


Touch effect, no ordinary fly line and ran crooked


LCD screen for the manufacturers duced formal, very clean and beautiful, attractive


Back of the picture, the control chip that is 74HC245D, effective solution to the 5 / 3.3V IO port of compatibility blems



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