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Widely used in motor speed detection, pulse counting, position limits, etc., with two-way test.

Module Features:

1 - the use of groove coupler sensor
2 - the groove width of 5mm.
3 - output status indicator, output high lamp, output low lights.
4 - block, output low; no shelter, the output high.
5 - the comparator output signals clean, good waveform, driving ability, than 15mA.
6 - the working voltage of 3.3V-5V
7 - the output format: Digital switching output?0 and 1?
8 - a fixed bolt hole for easy installation
9 - small PCB board size: 3.2cm x 1.7cm
10 - using a wide voltage comparator LM393

Module Description:
1. module slots unobstructed, receiver tube is turned on, the module DO output low, when blocked, DO output high;
2. DO module can be connected to the relay, consisting of limit switches and other functions, it can also be connected with the active buzzer module, consisting of alarm.
2-way speed sensor module 1, with two groove coupler, two small sensor PCB, 8 20cm DuPont line

This module wiring diagram in the image below:


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