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2000W high power electronic regulator SCR temperature control, dimming, speed, thermostat



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The regulator is ly modified for precision motor control circuit via multi-turn potentiometer to adjust the minimum output voltage.

Voltage: AC 220V
Maximum power: 2000 W
Voltage Regulation: AC 50V About 50V, according to vary slightly appliances -220V
Standard sizes: High temperature FR-4 Circuit board

The regulator Used materials:

STMicroelectronics SCR, voltage up to 1200 volts.

Are all high-voltage capacitors,

All are metal film resistors,

ST trigger diode,

Precision multi-turn potentiometer,

's main potentiometer goods manufacturers,

Material and both are fine, they are carefully selected to purchase a large number of.

Carrying fins, buyers can get our hands on

Description Figure :

This product is suitable for: Using the two-way high-power thyristor as current up to 25 A, a good solution to the problem of over-current electric wire in the case of cooling is too small to cause the resistance; can easily adjust the output voltage of electricity in between 90 and 220 volts ---- any adjustment, for the use of electrical appliances. Such as: furnace, hot water heater tune, dimming lamps, small motor speed, electric iron thermostat and so on. So as to achieve dimming, thermostats, pressure effect. For less than 2000 watts of electrical power use due to the large electrical power has been great, so the general home appliances or small factories enough to use. Inductive or capacitive load power should be reduced, this regulator is equipped with two-way high-power thyristor, potentiometers are with nuts, do not add any components to use, very convenient and practical .

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