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2262/2272 four non-wireless remote control kit M4 lock receiver board with four-button wireless remote control



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Operating Voltage (V) : DC5V

Quiescent Current (MA) : 4.5MA

Modulation: AM OOK

Operating temperature: -10 ? ~ + 70 ?

Receiver sensitivity (DBm) : -105DB

working frequency (MHz) : 315

Encoding: Encoding pad Fixed code

Way of working: M4 Jog: Press grimdeath outputs, let go to stop output

size (LWH) : 41 * 23 * 7mm



Super-regenerative receiver module LC Oscillation circuit, containing plastic surgery to enlarge, output data signal is decoded high-level signal, extremely easy to use, and inexpensive, it is widely used. Quad band decoded output Also can be changed to six-way jog or interlock output Easy to use; frequency debugging easy, short lead times; product and consistency, and cost-effective.

Receiving module has a wide receiver bandwidth, typically 10MHz , Factory general emphasis 315MHz or 433.92MHZ If you have requirements for adjustable frequency adjustment range and frequency of 266MHz ~ 433MHz . . Receiver module commonly used DC5V Power supply, if there are requirements for adjustable voltage range.

Pin and use:


It received a total of eight external interface module, above the English representation. 5V Showing positive power supply, D0 , D1 , D2 , D 3 It represents the output, GND It indicates negative one, ANT An earth antenna terminal.


Application Environment Applications

Wireless remote control switch, remote control sockets, data transmission, remote control toys, burglar alarm host, Garage Door , Volume gate , Road gate , Retractable doors gated industry and its remote audio Fields.

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