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360 degree rotation encoder module FOR Module



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Rotary encoder modules


Operating voltage: 5V

Revolution pulse count: 20

By rotating the rotary encoder can count positive and reverse directions during the rotation frequency of the output pulse, unlike rotary potentiometer count, count this rotation is no limit. With the button on the rotary encoder can be reset to the initial state, that is, from 0 Start counting.


working principle:

Incremental encoder is a rotational displacement signal is converted to a series of digital pulse rotary sensor. These pulses are used to control the angular displacement. in Eltra Converting the angular displacement encoder using a photoelectric scanning principle. Reading system with radial indexing consists of alternating opaque and translucent window windows constitute a disc Code disk Rotating basis, while being irradiated with an infrared light source vertically, the image encoder light projected onto the surface of the receiver. The receiver is covered with a diffraction grating, it has the same code wheel window width. The receiver's job is sensitive to changes in rotation of the disc generated, and then convert the light into a corresponding change in the electrical changes. Then make low-level signal rises to a higher level, and produce without any interference of square pulses, which must be processed by the electronic circuit. Reading systems typically employ a differential manner, but as soon the two waveforms phase difference 180 The different signals are compared in order to improve the and stability of the output signal. The difference between two readings are then formed on the basis of the signal, thereby eliminating the interference.

Incremental encoder:

Incremental encoders are given two-phase square wave whose phase 90 , Commonly referred to as A And channel B aisle. Wherein a channel is given information related to the rotation speed, at the same time, by sequentially comparing two channel signals, the direction of rotation of the information obtained. There is also a signal called Z Or zero-channel, the channel encoder gives absolute zero, this signal is a square wave with A Centerline channel square wave coincide.



Incremental encoder precision depends on the mechanical and electrical two factors, these factors include: grating division error, eccentric disc, eccentric bearing, the error introduced by the electronic reading device and the optical portion of the inaccuracy. Determines the encoder resolution is measured in degrees, the encoder resolution determines the electrical pulse generated by sub-coder. With the following 360 Electrical mechanical axis of rotation in degrees, and the rotation axis must be a complete cycle. To know how much mechanical angle corresponds to the electrical 360 Degree, can be calculated using the following formula: Electrical 360 = mechanical 360 / N pulse / turn



Figure: A, B commutation signal

Encoder division error is maximum offset electrical angle of two successive pulse units to represent. Any error present in the encoder, which is caused by the aforementioned factors. Eltra The maximum error of the encoder 25 Electrical angle Under any conditions declared Equivalent to offset Ratings 7% As for the phase difference 90 Electrically The maximum deviation of the two channels is 35 Electrical equivalent degree offset Rating 10% about.

UVW incremental encoder signal

In addition to the conventional encoder, there are some integration with other electrical output signal with the incremental encoder. versus UVW Signal integrated incremental encoder is an instance, it is usually applied to the AC servo motor feedback. These signals are generally present in the pole AC servo motor, UVW By simulating the magnetic signal is generally the features and design. in Eltra Encoders, these UVW It is a method of producing an optical signal, and three in the form of a square wave offset each other 120 . In order to facilitate starting the motor, the motor is controlled by the starter these signals need to correct. These ones UVW Magnetic pulse can be repeated many times in the mechanical shaft rotation, as they are directly dependent on the number of poles of the motor is connected, and for 4 , 6 Or more pole motor UVW signal.

************************************************** *************************

ARDUINO test code:

int redPin = 2;

int yellowPin = 3;

int greenPin = 4;

int aPin = 6;

int bPin = 7;

int buttonPin = 5;


int state = 0;

int longPeriod = 5000; // Time at green or red

int shortPeriod = 700; // Time period when changing

int targetCount = shortPeriod;

int count = 0;


void setup ()


pinMode (aPin, INPUT);

pinMode (bPin, INPUT);

pinMode (buttonPin, INPUT);

pinMode (redPin, OUTPUT);

pinMode (yellowPin, OUTPUT);

pinMode (greenPin, OUTPUT);



void loop ()


count ++;

if (digitalRead (buttonPin))


setLights (HIGH, HIGH, HIGH);




int change = getEncoderTurn ();

int Period = longPeriod + (change * 1000);

if (Period = 1000 Period = 10000)


longPeriod = Period;


if (count targetCount)


setState ();

count = 0;



delay (1);



int getEncoderTurn ()


// Return -1, 0, or +1

static int oldA = LOW;

static int oldB = LOW;

int result = 0;

int A = digitalRead (aPin);

int B = digitalRead (bPin);

if (A! = oldA || B! = oldB)


// Something has changed

if (oldA == LOW A == HIGH)


result = - (oldB * 2 - 1);



oldA = A;

oldB = B;

return result;



int setState ()


if (state == 0)


setLights (HIGH, LOW, LOW);

targetCount = longPeriod;

state = 1;


else if (state == 1)


setLights (HIGH, HIGH, LOW);

targetCount = shortPeriod;

state = 2;


else if (state == 2)


setLights (LOW, LOW, HIGH);

targetCount = longPeriod;

state = 3;


else if (state == 3)


setLights (LOW, HIGH, LOW);

targetCount = shortPeriod;

state = 0;




void setLights (int red, int yellow, int green)


digitalWrite (redPin, red);

digitalWrite (yellowPin, yellow);

digitalWrite (greenPin, green);


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