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4 Smart car chassis drive / power chronological band encoder / speed ZK-4WD s



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1. The mechanical structure is simple, very easy to install.

2. Using four reducer DC motor turning flexible, good direction. Four-drive, horsepower chronological. Chassis big and steady very easily extended

3. The car comes with tachometer encoder, with speed photoelectric shop, you can quickly compose a speed system. You can speed, range, consisting of a closed-loop system.

4. OUR L293D car with four motor drive module, the four-tracking module, as well as 51 control unit seamlessly, leaving red obstacle avoidance expansion hole, simple system consisting nice!

See ramp car chassis:

 Two-layer structure: to facilitate expansion

 OUR microcontroller with 51 small systems, L293D four DC motor drive module, the four-tracking module with the car chassis.

?To achieve such as tracing obstacle avoidance function?

 See ramp packed car chassis?Among rechargeable batteries placed on the mezzanine?:

 Four infrared sensor mounted on the bottom of the car, from the very easy to adjust. You can experiment with different widths of the black line

While adjusting the be can experiment close avoidance function

 L293D with four drive modules, DC head can be directly inserted into the charger. No need to remove the battery?Very convenient?

 Left modulated infrared photoelectric sensor mounting hole, you can easily achieve obstacle avoidance function

 If you feel low chassis can be installed:

 Size car

 Car width of the two outer wheels distance 155MM

Car length 260MM

 With a code wheel speed: it can be used as measuring walking distance, speed, feedback, etc. role.


  • Car chassis 2
  • Motor Wheel 4
  • Speed encoder 4
  • Fastener 8
  • An assembly drawing
  • Several screw and nut


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