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40P locking 51 SCM minimum system board / development board smart car robot accessories essential DIY



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1.IO port all the leads Classic 51 minimum system, eliminating welding trouble

2 Integrated ISP 10P download interface, easy download AT89S52 microcontroller.

3. The welding is socket hole, easy to replace crystal?Default configuration 11.0592M?

4. Support Chip: STC89C52STC12C5A60S2 STC11 / 10x series AT89S52 chip and pin-compatible with the above-described chip

5. A power switch, convenient test.

6. Power input in two ways: DC-005 Power Block?Supporting the transposon is 5.5 * 2.1?And a single row of needle?Next to the power switch?

7. The extended 3-way VCC, GND, pin illustrated in FIG.

8. P0 port with pull-up resistor.

9. Reset: power-on reset and external reset button.

10. The use of green IC lock seat, easy to replace the chip.

11. Our own development and duction, supply long-term stability.

13. The board size: 4.1cm * 8.9cm

Schematic diagram of network disk download address:

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