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450W high-power electric vehicle controller electric vehicle controller maintenance



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The following functions are sold electric vehicle controller description, in addition wevarious types of electric vehicle controller maintenance services. It charges 10 each?If all the power tube damage are subject to fees?, to come and go freight


Feature Highlights:
1. Ultra-mute function: for the shortcomings of the pulsating current brushless motor will start the cess of noise and vibration to a minimum.

2. Soft Start: Safe Boot, and increasing starting torque, the start is more stable.

3. The speed reversing function: reversing the limited speed at low speed the safety of reversing.

4. The third gear speed grade: with the governor the governor more convenient and safer.

5. voltage tection: When the battery voltage drops to the predetermined voltage, the output is automatically stopped, in order to avoid excessive battery discharge and failure.

6. The over-current tection: When the output current exceeds a set value, the output is automatically stopped to tect the motor and battery pack from the current shock.

7. power brakes: EABS + mechanical brakes, high, low.

8. Flexible EABS brakes: greatly increased vehicle brake safety and reliability of the strike completely. Mute reached brakes, soft effect; the motor is reduced to bring the punch without prejudice to the motor; reduced brake muted.

9. Stall function: The motor stall occurs, the controller automatically limiting, automatically cut off the circuit after stall for 3 seconds, the real tection of the motor and controller to prevent accidental burn.

10. The speed and current limiting functions: speed control exercised within the set speed range.

11. Anti-Speed function: to solve the phenomenon of runaway due to poor speed or line failure. At the same time anti-Speed Start function, im ve the security of the system.

12.MOS tube short-circuit tection: When the power MOS tube automatically detect short-circuit, caused by a chain to prevent a short circuit, damage to other MOS tube.

13. The full power-off function: When the power door locks closed, the controller will automatically turn off. Can reduce the misuse phenomenon, greatly im ve the safety performance.

14. Over-temperature tection: When the temperature exceeds a certain temperature controller itself, automatically reduce the output current, and the highest temperature tection.

15. The self-test function: When the power on the controller, the controller will automatically pick test: turn the brake Hall, MOS tubes, etc.,your driving safety.

16. The anti-theft features: the use of an external alarm device to achieve the purpose of theft, in the case of theft of motor automatically locked

Instructions for use

1. The controller is perly connected cables;

2. Open the electric door locks;

3. plugged line self-learning?White line on the plug?, Automatic rotation of the motor, if the motor reversal, re-plug wire learn once, the motor will forward;

4. After three seconds the motor is transferred, do not turn off the power cord to unplug learning, learning is completed.

Told: Hall motor failure, automatically will switch to non-state Hall, Hall short circuit, disconnect the Hall line.

installation method:



First, determine the positive and negative power supply, as long as the power of positive and negative outside absolutely can not be reversed, you can try other functions line access, for up until then. If you encounter blems, please contact us for assembly.

1; first on-line self-learning plug! !

2; connect the power cable, pay attention to positive and negative do not reversed. In line connected power door locks, Hall line, phase line, turn the lines! !

3; energized, the motor rotation, wait for it to stabilize the rotation, if reversed, unplug the line self-learning, self-learning and then the plug wire, it will forward, and wait for it to stabilize and then unplug the cable from learning, it it.

4; the controller after a good self-learning, followed by your vehicle, some features, such as security, three-speed, reversing, power brakes, power and so on!


If you do not agree to the following terms please do not shoot duct. Sign default after shop . 1 year duct .

1: purchase of goods from the controller receives no damage to the appearance of 7 days does not affect the re-sale can return, duce postage buyers responsible. If damaged or missing parts will be deducted from the corresponding material damages.?Dismantle shell tore the label refused to refund the insurance coverage?

2: 7 days after the emergence of commodity damage required in order to avoid man-made or tangled in the of my waste your valuable time, postage buyers and sellers go Dutch.?We will be re-tested before shipment OK before ?

3: Poor habits buyers please bypass, I think communication can solve everything! If not directly in contact



1. The controller wiring should be noted that without the controller cut thread, positive and negative power supply is not reversed, and the case did not screw split-off, the duct for one year, the two sides shared their , please rest assured purchase.

2. ducts not covered by the in the following cases:

, the controller must determine this for my company's ducts;

, no serious distortion controller enclosure, the controller had no disassembly;

, the controller connector cord cut destruction;

Burned , wiring error caused the controller, ely the positive and negative power supply;

, power door locks into the controller caused by excessive voltage controller burned.

3. Note the use of the duct when the duct is water of, in order to avoid duct malfunction;


Noun fessional features introduced:

Dual-mode: There is no Hall Hall can also be used in the state, that is, two modes can be used in dual-mode controller referred.

Intelligence: the battery voltage is automatic identification, automatic identification of the motor is 120 degrees or 60 degrees, automatic identification of motor parameters such as phase called intelligence.



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