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51 / AVR microcontroller development board learning board DIY Learning Kit Kit parts STC89C52



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With self-recovery fuse, short circuit and overcurrent tection! Even misuse, leading to a short circuit board, it will not harm your computer! Resettable fuse will automatically cut off the power, wait for the short releasing automatically after power is restored!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Q: What are the development board supports chip?

Answer: Yes STC89C52, STC12C5A60S2, AT89C51, AT89C52, AT89S51, AT89S52, etc. The most commonly used 51 series. In addition, it also supports 40 other foot 51 series and ATmega16! STC89C52, STC12C5A60S2 can download the gram directly to the serial port, AT89S MCU need USBISP download manager gram, AT89C MCU need gramming download cess. Need to use an adapter board, download the gram needs to use ATmega16 when USBISP downloader! (Adapter plate and USBISP store are sold)

2. Q: I want to build a complete single-chip system also what it needs?
A: You need the following accessories:
?. Microcontroller (such as the most commonly used STC89C52)
?. Power (can choose powered by USB cable, you can also select an external 5V switching power supply)
? Download (if used STC Series MCU, download Used USB to serial cable or serial cable; if you use AT89S52, download Used USBISP).


1.PCB empty plate size: 84mm * 74mm * 1.6mm, all -tested aircraft testedthe physical connection is normal!

2. designed specifically for DIY enthusiasts oversized pads, welding is very easy!

3. In the welding cess Note that a light emitting diode (LED lamp that is now more equipped with two spare) and is sensitive to temperature and other components can overheat, faster, otherwise it will burn LED lights. We ensure that all components for the , if unsuccessful welding, debugging does not work, which does not vide a replacement (due to the presence of welding technical blems), but vides the buyer pays , such as fear of bad welding, please buy the finished duct board.

As shown in Figure 4. This price includes all devices (PCB bare board and the board all welded components, including pluggable devices: jumper, 11.0592M crystal, each chip MAX232 a), does not contain a single-chip, power lines and download cable!

5. Component list:


6. vide information (video tutorial for online download, supporting non-video):


Program Category:


7. list:

51 / AVR microcontrollers DIY kit set (See Listing Component)

 Schematic (PDF format), gram and other relevant information (sent via email)

Tips: Do not vide PCB map!


9. On several finished map:






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