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51 SCM minimum system board / learning board / development board smart car



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This product incorporates a buzzer, LED, LED, EEPROM, crystal, temperature, infrared, separate buttons and many other features!

1, the minimum system board?Without LCD screen?

2, STC89C52RC microcontroller
3, 4 sets of pillars
4, USB extension cable a "power supply and download"
5, Crystal 2 (11.0592M and 12M)
6, data CD


Development board supports XP, WIN7 64 bit systems!

Get with the USB extension cable, easy to achieve a Line download! ! No additional downloader. Usb development board can be performed by a computer and serial communication, the ability to remember the number of switch development board, with 4-segment LED display, support for 1602 and 12864, with an infrared receiver and a temperature sensor circuit, affordable, great value.




[1] Compatible with both AT, STC Series MCU
[2]. All MCU 32 IO pin leads
[3]. Convenience with USB download function, under the program?No additional purchase Downloader?
[4] The band circuit LED power indicator
[5]. plate production, the whole machine processing production,
[6] .8 road SMD LED, indicating the status of the program is running
[7]. 3-way lead pin VCC and GND, can be input or output power
[8] with four separate buttons, man-machine input?The development board control?
[9] Standard ISP download interface, easy to use AT series microcontrollers
[10] The temperature sensor circuit?For the temperature sensor can be independently Sign Shop?
[11] An infrared receiver circuit?For independent shop shoot infrared receiver?
[12] The integrated buzzer circuit, do sound experiment
[13] .4-bit digital circuits, display all kinds of information output
[14]. On-board EEPROM chip 24C02,?It can record data such as boot times, learning IIC communication protocol)
[15]. Pluggable crystal can replace the operating frequency
[16] .1602 and 12864 LCD interface, you can insert directly



1, the minimum system board? LCD, ds18b20, vs1838?1
2, STC89C52RC a microcontroller
3, yellow jumper 4
4, USB male to male cable?Power supply, download, serial communication?1
5, the development board isolation column 4
6, the development board supporting a data CD


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