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51 SCM minimum system board / learning board / development board smart car essential (Support AVR)



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Product PCB size: 9cm * 7.6cm

Each plate Weight: 140g


A development board resource description

1 development board supports USB download?Jing Science and Technology STC52 microcontroller?;
2 Development Board support AT89S51, AT89S52 microcontroller download?Our need to meet additional download manager?
3 development board support ATmega16, ATmega32 AVR microcontroller download?Our need to meet additional adapter plate and use Downloader?
4 development board power supply mode: USB-powered computer?USB Interface?And external 5V power supply?DC-005 Power Block?.
5 development board reset: power-on reset and 51 / AVR double reset button;
6 Development Board Crystal: The socket hole welding, user-friendly replacement ? mark??
7 extended power: Pin extended by 3-way 5V power supply for easy connection to external experimental use;
8 All IO pins all external expansion, easy connection to external experimental use;

9 Development Board the power supply tantalum capacitor design, at any cost, and strive to work stability, which is ely ant for beginners.

Two board modules Introduction

(1?8 high-brightness SMD led marquees;

?2?4 common anode LED display;
?3?LCD1602 and LCD12864?Color support?interface;
?4?1-way passive buzzer;
?5?1 channel ds18b20 temperature measurement circuit;
?6?1 way infrared interface circuits;
?7?4 independent keys;
?8?1 PL2303USB way communication circuit;


Figure 1 welded 51 development board?Containing pillars?
2 STC89C52 SCM?Industrial?A chip
3 USB power download Power Cord (download and with a power cord for the power supply)

Minimum system vides a full set of development information 4 buy, get the goods, please contact us?Download information?We will send within one business day. Including minimum system schematic PDF documents, software development, routine?updating?, Manuals and other relevant data.

The main routine is as follows?Both through debugging?:
1 led marquees?From top to bottom and from bottom to top were lit?
2 PWM control of LED lights getting brighter gradually eliminate cedures?led the darkest and brightest? Paul ? Zhuo ? Martingale ???
3 buzzer singing 
4 buzzer singing - There is only a good mother
5 buzzer singing -2002 first snow
6 Buzzer - Alarm Generator
7 buzzer -? Drops packets ??
8 Buzzer - simulate gunfire
9 Buzzer - fire engine sirens
10 separate buttons control led lights
11 digital mobile digital display
12 digital tube digital clock display?Time adjustment with key function?
13 LED display matrix keyboard
14 1602 keyboard matrix display
15 Relay test
All 16 lit dot matrix
17 dot matrix moving display
18 dot matrix display numbers
20 Stepper motor experiment
211 602 LCD character display
22 external interrupt level triggered
23 Timer 0 experiment
24 microcontroller serial communication with the PC
25 pc serial port MCU control water lights
26 Digital? Ta S18B20 temperature measurement
271 602 LCD DS18B20 temperature measurement
28 single-chip computer display temperature
29 PCF8591 AD-DA experiment
30 Real Time Clock DS1302 digital calendar display
31 real-time clock calendar display DS1302LCD1602
32 EEPROM-IIC-AT24C02 experiment
33 IR infrared remote control experiment
3412864 LCD experiment?Chinese font?
35 TFT2.4 inch touch screen display gram man

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