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5th generation STC full range of microcontrollers automatic programmer / cold start downloading / USB to TTL full isolation type



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The programmer Features :

1. This download supports 3.3V and 5V of STC full range of all devices Programming process and support for the MSP430 BSL programming mode (using MspFet software only).

2. The maximum baud rate 115200 perfect support! No longer need STC12 series, STC11 series, STC15 series Burning distress!

3. No frequent power outages on power to the microcontroller, namely The programmer automatically downloaded without cold start This feature allows STC microcontroller under Upload program becomes very convenient, experienced friends all know that when STC microcontroller download process you need to manually turn off the power and then turn on the power of this movement, when the debugger that will be very painful, we dry the burner for you this complicated things!

4. Support 3.3V and 5.0V versions STC microcontroller programming, downloading integrates 3.3V power management chip, the external power supply current of 3.3 up to 500MA, from do not have to worry about 3.3V power supply!

5. The most annoying STC12, STC15, STC11 series burn success rate And to dry 115200 The maximum baud rate Burn! Throw away your hand PL-2303HX program now! Burn three series of painful you know say you have FT232, aristocratic chip Zala? We actually compared Bibi recording speed! More than three series FT232 also at the highest 115200 baud rate can not match! CP2102 more die to one side! Bother to mention it! The programmer uses CH340 + MCU control core STC pass to kill a full range of high-speed programming.

6.500MA resettable fuse, perfect to protect your precious computer motherboard! Do not lose the greater! USB port burned Amoy Friends sad reminder of his own understand, you have to know and do not let yourself regret

7, aluminum enclosure protects burner board! There are metal things on the short-circuit your burner from the desktop are not afraid! Ease of use, not afraid of wrestling are not afraid of pressure! The most ant is the word Oh laser laser

8. Printed on the shell interface definition , Do not know the interface definition for the upset! To what instructions ah, we have on the housing!

9. A variety of colors, generally random delivery, To choose the color of friends, please confirm with the treasurer if you want color in stock!

10. Support WIN7 system, compatible with all of the following systems that support 64-bit systems

STC programmer only four pins (Example pick STC89C52 SCM):

5V0 pick VCCTXD access P3.0 RXD P3.1 GND connected to GND

With status indicator blinks when data is being transmitted, no data transmission when lit.


The program also supports a variety of occasions the need to use USB-TTL serial signals, such as serial communications, and super terminal serial debugging tools, and other similar microcontroller download program, brush hard disk or set-top box, MSP430 microcontroller programming and so on, but these use temporarily prompt technical support, please use to explore on their own.





TXD and RXD line on the reverse Note: Some friends wonder why the opposite cross-connect, because this is the PC and the target board in relative terms of communication, please refer to the specific information: ##2## into your browser open.




list: USB-TTL level converter board one, four DuPont line 20cm , static bag sealed package

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