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9MM laser head laser tube red dot laser diode semiconductor laser tube



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Need long light laser head, please be appropriate to increase the current limiting resistor

1, the laser must not be directed at any time regardless of their own or someone else's eyes, even in the case where the laser will be turned off for bad open possibilities.
2, the laser irradiation can not be any reflective surface or a smooth surface, excellent reflective laser at reflective surfaces irradiated to occur when the reflection, if you happen to exposure to the human eye, can cause injury.
3, the laser is not a toy, do not give children, mental retardation, who do not know the characteristics of the laser used in this case, can easily lead to injury.
4, wear goggles when using the laser for laser is not visible, this is particularly ant.
5, not according to the laser vehicles, aircraft and other transport vehicles was.
6, pay attention to the battery of laser safety, to prevent others from removing the battery short circuit caused a fire or battery explosion.

The principle and the particularity of the laser emission production process determines the laser has a light that does not have the characteristic: the Miyoshi Color is good, the coherence is good, good direction A high High Brightness .



Name :

Small laser head copper ( Red )

Transmitting power:



Working life:

1000 Hour or more

Spot Mode:

Point-like spot, continuous output

Laser Wavelength:








Operating temperature:

-36 ? ~ 65 ?

Storage temperature:

-36 ? ~ 65 ?

Spot size:

15 Meter At the point of light 10mm ~ 15mm

Mainly used for laser toys, all kinds of level meter, ground instrument, The laser head by the light emitting die, a condenser lens, copper adjustable sleeve of three parts, when sent to the user, the three parts have been assembled, the lens focal length is adjusted, and has stuck with superglue Well, users connect 3V DC power supply to work.


Theoretically, in the ideal case No dust, no smoke, no barrier , Laser transmission distance is unlimited. The laser head at a higher air situation, when the operating current to 20MA, the transmission distance can reach more than 1KM, in general, cloudy night, casually irradiated onto the object 200 meters away are clearly visible; for the more close range, even in the daytime sun, according to the pavement outside, the building is clearly visible.

Production of electronic pointer pen: When the teacher, with a laser projection point drew Student View Richard thought.

Electronic spirit level: Let the motor driven optical head rotation or twisting, cast in a straight line on the wall for decoration or posting pictures doing the horizontal reference.

Miniature LCD projector: Demolition condenser, so that the laser can be controlled through the LCD screen, it can produce a clear projection in the wall.

Laser remote listener: the laser irradiation on the eavesdropping room glass, and then receives the laser beam reflected back glass, glass detected vibration reduction out of the room to the sound.

Remote light control anti-theft alarm: In the corner of the need to protect the fish ponds or watermelon is mounted on the laser transmitting tube and photosensitive resistance, in the other three corners of the mirror mounted on the back to form a protection zone.

Laser distance wireless communication: the use of one pair of laser transceiver are facing each other in two distant roof, the use of single-chip serial communication protocol can send and receive files, and even networking .


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