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A03B 1 Road 5V low level solid state relay modules with fuse solid state relay 250V2A



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duct description:
1 Omron solid state relays 5V 240V 2A, output with resistive Insurance

Wire 240V 2A.

2, size: 25 * 34 * 25 (L * W * H?Net weight: 13g

3, the input power supply: 5V DC (160MA)
4 , The input control signal voltage:

?0-1.5V low state relay ON)
(2.5-5V high state relay OFF)

5 Blue KF301 terminal connected to the control line is more convenient.

Module interface:

Input section:

DC +: Positive power supply?Press the power supply voltage relay?

DC-: Negative one

CH: End module trigger signal relay ?Low trigger effective?

High and low meanings:

High level trigger Refers Signal trigger terminal?IN?Between the power supply and have negative

A forward voltage, usually with positive power supply and the trigger terminal A connection

Types of trigger mode, when the trigger voltage or positive end has reached the trigger voltage When the relay is energized.

Low trigger Refers Voltage trigger signal terminal and the negative power supply between

When OV, or trigger terminal voltage is lower than the voltage of the positive power supply,

Low enough to trigger the voltage, the relay is usually the power

And negative trigger terminal Way connection that triggered the relay is energized.

Electrical parameters:

Voltage version Quiescent Current Working current Trigger voltage Trigger current

5V 0mA 12.5mA 0-1.5V 2mA

duct manual:


1. Power supply modules: DC power supply must be electrically

Pressure to conform with the voltage relay




2. Connection:


When the signal is triggered low end has triggered, the relay will be turned on, electrical equipment and work

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