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AD7705 Dual 16-bit ADC data acquisition module SPI interface programmable input gain TM7705



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4P pin is not soldered, to facilitate the customer's own choice of welding direction

AD7705 dual 16-bit ADC data acquisition module input gain grammable SPI interface TM7705

Model: AD7705


S TM32-V5 development board Connection: plugged directly into the interface socket can NRF24L01 .


1,3.3V or 5.0V DC power supply

2, MCU interfaces: SPI

3, the main ADC chip: TM7705 ( Tianwei chip, and AD7705 chip is fully compatible?

4, external LM285-2.5 reference voltage? ?. Part peers using low-end domestic TL-431 is not a number as a reference, temperature stability and accuracy of the differential stage. Please sights.

5, the input circuit with a resistor divider and the R-C filter, enabling customers to change their own gain range

6, the chip with a grammable gain amplifier gain range: 1-128 times

7, chip buffer amplifier with input for direct connection of sensors.


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