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Altera USB Blaster download cable FPGA / CPLD downloader REV.C



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A, FT245 + CPLD Advantages

altera download cable are the following versions:
Parallel version: inconvenient to use, has been eliminated
Low-68013 Version:chips and more, may have a fever, low speed, deprecated
Other SCM solutions: lower than the cost of this gram, you can use the slow speed
FT245 + CPLD gram?The gram?: It is the fastest and most stable version of the official , we recommended to buy this treasure


Two, USB BLASTER download line characteristic

1. Stable support SignalTap II embedded logic analyzer function, the data will never catch caught mess! ;
2. ALTERA company supports a full range of devices. Absolutely the whole series, do not worry about a device does not support!
? CPLD: MAX3000, MAX7000, MAX9000, MAX II and MAX V etc.
? FPGA: Stratix, StratixII, StratxIII, Cyclone, CycloneII, CycloneIII, ACEX1K, APEX20K and FLEX10K etc.
? active serial configuration devices: EPCS1, EPCS4, EPCS16, EPCS64 etc.
? enhanced configuration devices: EPC1, EPC4 like.
3. Supports three download mode: AS, PS and JTAG;
4. Communication and debugging support and Nios II embedded soft core cessor in the system, Rev.C latest firmware! ;
5. Speed: 10 times faster than the low-speed USB downloader;
6. Easy to use: MiniUSB interfaces, easy connection, two status indicators to make debugging more handy.
7. Must: present laptop has almost eliminated the parallel port, so common was ByteblasterMV and ByteblasterII download cable have can not be used in a notebook, so for notebook users, choose USB download cable that is convenient, it is a must.
8. Fully compatible with ALTERA USB Blaster, use, functionality and performance are consistent and ALTERA download cable.
Third, the system configuration requirements

PC as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 system, USB2.0 interface
Quartus 4.0 software or later

Fourth, list

1, USB Blaster grammer (with anti-static packaging) 1
2, USB cable ?With magnetic? 1
3,10 core JTAG data line 1
4, to vide information



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