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AVR microcontroller download USBtinyISP Downloader download cable USB interface



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USBtinyISP also a design for the AVR microcontroller based USB interface ISP download cable, you can use it to download the gram most AVR microcontroller. In the Arduino compatible IDE has USBtinyISP compatible download cable, is mainly used to download the bootloader.
The download cable included 6-pin connector line, in addition can be used as Arduino compatible download cable outside, but also for most of the AVR microcontroller download gram.
USB power supply, can vide direct power to the Arduino compatible open the Arduino compatible IDE, after a good choice in Bord need to download the hardware name, under Burn Bootloader select USBtinyISP, began downloading bootlaoder, 1-2 minutes after the download is complete.
Product parameters:
1, ISP connector: 6-pin and 10-pin
2, size: 28.8mm61.6mm
3, Unit weight: 16g
4, power supply options: external power supply and USB to take power?If you use an external power supply chip set ISP10 near the yellow jumper cap removed?
Product List:
1, USBtinyISP Downloader 1
2,6 core cable 1
3, a side port USB cable

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