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AVR microcontroller minimum system board ATMEGA16 minimum system version



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1.32 IO pins all the leads.

2. Classic ATmega16 minimum system, eliminating welding trouble

3. Crystal: The socket hole welding, the convenience of buyers replace the crystal, the crystal default hair 12M

4. Support chip: ATmega16 / ATmega32 chip and pin-compatible with the above-described chip

5. Power supply: Power adapter connector power supply or external expansion pin?Does not support ISP download interface power supply?

6.DC-005 Power Block? Supporting the transposon is 5.5 * 2.1 ?

7. The extended 4 VCC, GND, as shown in FIG Pin

8. Reset: power-on reset and reset buttons

9. Power indicator?D1?With grams running lights?D2?

10. Standard ISP download interface, by using our shop 51 / avr minimum system capable of downloading gram for easy download?Board requires a separate power supply, do not support ISP download interface power supply?




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