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B20 TTS speech synthesis module serial SYN6288 / + 51 Microcontroller



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SYN6288 Speech synthesis chip - Applications range :

 vehicle information terminal voice broadcast, Vehicle dispatch ,Car navigation

 bus-stop control, attendance

 mobile phones, fixed phones

 Queuing machine , Pay cash register machine

 vending machine , Information machine, POS machine

 smart instrumentation, Meteorological AWACS Smart Transformer

 intelligent toys, intelligent watches

 electric bicycle , Rotating advertising light boxes

 voice e-books, color storybook, voice electronic dictionary, Electronic voice guides

 short message playback, press Play


SYN6288 Speech synthesis chip - Features :

  • Support GB2312, GBK, BIG5 and UNICODE, text format;
  • Clear, natural, accurate Chinese speech synthesis Can be synthesized by any Chinese text that supports the English alphabet synthesis;; effect
  • Intelligent text analysis and cessing algorithms to identify value, number, date and time of weights and measures and common symbols correctly;
  • With a strong multi-tone word cessing and Chinese surnames cessing capabilities;
  • It supports a variety of text control tags to im ve the accuracy of text cessing;
  • Each time the amount of text synthesis of up to 200 bytes;
  • It supports a variety of control commands, including: synthetic, stop, pause synthesis, synthesis continues to change the baud rate;
  • Support the hibernation feature, in the sleep state to reduce power consumption; a variety of ways to support the work of the state of the chip;
  • Supports serial data communication interface, supports three communication baud rate: 9600bps, 19200bps, 38400bps;
  • Support 16 to adjust the volume; the volume of background text foreground playing and playing background music volume can be controlled separately;
  • Speed adjustment can tag words, six words in support of the speech rate is adjusted by the transmission control;
  • How curing chip chord music, sound effects and common voice mpt tone for certain industry sectors;
  • 19 integrated voice tones, 23 polyphonic tones, 15 background music;
  • Final ducts SSOP SMD package; the volume of the industry's smallest;
  • The indicators are to meet the application chip harsh outdoor environments;


annex: SYN6288 speech synthesis chip - Datasheet V1.0


For details about this duct, please visit: ##6## SYN6288 module 1

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