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BH1750FVI digital light intensity illumination sensor module



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light intensity detection module: GY-30


ROHM chip using BH1750FVI

Power supply: 3-5v

Light range: 0-65535 lx

Sensors built 16bitAD converter

Direct digital output, omit the complex calculations omit the calibration

Does not distinguish between ambient light

Spectral characteristics close to visual sensitivity

Available for a wide range of precision measuring brightness 1 lux



Standard NXP IIC communication tocol


Internal module includes a communication level conversion, and directly connected to 5v microcontroller io

vide STC 51 C language test code

viding C8051F340 C language test code

vide AVR M16 C language test code

Large price advantages





1967 France Thirteenth General Conference on Weights and Measures It sets out to Candela , Candela / square meter, lumens, lux, respectively, as luminous intensity, brightness , Luminous flux and illumination units such as an optical unit of measure used in unified engineering technology has ant significance. To enable you to understand and ease of use, the following knowledge will make a brief introduction:

The definition of 1.candela

1. candlelight, international candlelight, candela?candela?Definition

Per square meter 101325 ton Under standard atmospheric pressure, an area equal to 1/60 square centimeter absolute blackbody?All over the object that is capable of absorbing external light and no reflection?In pure platinum?Pt?Solidification temperature?About 2042K eligible 1769 ??, The luminous intensity in the vertical direction is 1 candela. And, candlelight, international candlelight, candela three concepts are different, not the same. In volume terms, 60 candela equal to 58.8 international candle, candle hefner lamp 1 is equal to 0.885 or 0.919 candela candela.

2. luminous intensity and brightness

Acronym light emission intensity is strong, international unit is candela?Candela?Shorthand cd. Lcd refers to the light flux emitted within a unit solid angle in the specified direction. Light radiation is uniform, the light intensity I = F /, solid angle, the unit is steradian?sr?, F is the luminous flux, in units of lumens, for point source by the I = F / 4. Brightness is the brightness of the light emitting surface of the light emitting surface is the ratio of luminous intensity in a given direction and the direction perpendicular to the light-emitting surface of the specified area of the unit is candela / square meter. For a diffuse scattering surface, although the light intensity and luminous flux in all directions, but the brightness in all directions are equal. TV screen is similar to such a diffuse scattering surface, so the images are viewed from various directions, have the same sense of brightness.

The following is a portion of the light source luminance values: Unit cd / msup2;

Sun: 1.5 * 10; fluorescent:?510?* 10sup3 ;; moonlight?Full Moon?: 2.5 * 10sup3 ;; black and white TV screen: about 120; color TV screen: 80 or so.

3. The luminous flux and lumen

Light emitted Light Is radiated in all directions, for a per unit time by the area of light energy, referred to by this area Radiation Flux. Different frequencies of light colored, eye sensitivity to light colors are different, even if the colored light energy flux equal in Visual And on Can not duce the same degree of bright, colored in light yellow, light green and bright aroused the greatest feeling. If the green light for the level, so that it is equal to the luminous flux of radiant energy flux, the other shade, the ability to evoke the feeling of a bright green light is smaller than the flux is less than radiant energy flux. Unit of luminous flux is the lumen, is a transliteration of the English lumen, abbreviated lm. Absolute blackbody at the solidification temperature of platinum, from 5.305 * 10sup3; cmsup2; radiation flux out of the area as 1lm. To show the relationship between light intensity and luminous flux, luminous intensity of 1 candela point light source in the unit solid angle?1 steradian?The luminous flux emitted within 1 lumen. Flux output of a 40W fluorescent lamp about 2100 lumens.

4. illumination with Lux

Available light illumination light meter measured directly. The unit is lux illumination, is a transliteration of the English lux, it can also be written as lx. Uniform irradiation by light objects on a 1 square meter area is 1 lumen luminous flux obtained, its illumination is 1 lux. Sometimes in order to make full use of light, often attached to a light reflecting means, so some direction to get more flux to increase the illuminated surface illumination. Such as car headlights, flashlights, photographic lights.

The following are the various environmental illuminance value: Unit lux

Darkness: 0.0010.02; Moonlight: 0.020.3; cloudy Interior: 550; cloudy outdoor: 50500; sunny interior: 1001000; summer noon sunlight illumination: ap x 10 * ^ 6; required when reading books illumination: 5060; home video camera standard illuminance: 1400

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