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Black PL2303HX USB turn TTL RS232 Module Upgrade USB to serial download cable



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Brush 1 meter long line PL2303HX USB transfer COM USB to TTL cable download cable upgrade small plate


Line sequence defined red + 5V, Black GND, white RXD, TXD Green

?Good s: This duct is recommended by the customer how to stay 3.3v latest design welding mouth, but needs its own open USB shell welding?

?one?The connection just to sell the brush line, a tool. We are not familiar with the use of the method, it is not possible to vide guidance operations. Because the market model range, and each person's ability and far, so we do not you will succeed. Not to because he did not succeed and give us neutral or negative feedback, we also complain of than Dou E!
?two?We sent out each one is tested, here to remind buyers do not get direct manipulation after, so would not think there is a blem. First, do a simple test method is very simple: If you put the cable into a computer, the computer mpts to find hardware .... with a multimeter black pen then (GND), respectively, to pick up the red pen (RX) and (TX ) can be measured voltage, then the small plates must be good. note here, if there is (GND) voltage connected to the device pins, power must be burned, so the user before the connection must be measured accurately pin device, so as to avoid unnecessary losses!
Some buyers do not accidentally burned chip or not operating or the machine itself does not support upgrading, say we have a blem of a small plate, etc., so buyers please Bypass, thank you. Such circumstances do not give return or refund behavior, or receive in the assessment and evaluation.

Note: Setting 3.3V and 5.0V output (this is the power to the microcontroller, the need to upgrade the machine) Please pull out the small plate from the computer, set the jumper to take, do not charge it to avoid damage to the device.

Pin connection and description:

Before connecting pin assignments sure to find, ely GND must not be connected to the voltage pin, and RX and TX are not connected to the terminal VCC pin, the (actual measurement had some VCC pin voltage up to 14V.?Take the wrong turn will burn chip wiring, must be careful not to take their own small board to do the experiment, otherwise we are not responsible for any burn. We must find a good pin definitions in the access.

Connection method: Again Brush only need three lines, generally used only RX TX GND three signal lines, VCC no connection. The above is 4,5 needles friends, not to VCC and BT needle. Please use the RXD and target board TX phase, TXD and target board RX phase, GND connection GND, if not, were reversed RX and TX.


RX for TX;
TX to RX;
Surface -?GND to GND?
USB to serial platelet function:
1 simple serial communication.
2 or ADSL router firmware upgrade.
3 GPS serial communication.
4 hard drive firmware upgrade.
5 easy to use, RX received the MCU TX; TX RX received at the MCU connected to ground. Without the need for conversion MAX232.
6 Super Terminal in use; common serial debugging tools.
7 upgrade with a variety of satellite machine.
............... And other general-purpose USB-to-serial small board

Tips: You will need to purchase multiple ducts to your cart and submit the final confirmation, use the shopping cart once duced only .
1 kg received only the first heavy, such as overweight buyer shall fill continued heavy fee.
Use only duce a freight cart. No shopping cart to buy ducts very easy to make mistakes, we will close the order to stop trading!
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
Buyer Tips:

?1?Since the variety and complexity of electronic components, labor costs are relatively high, but fits are low,
Therefore, each duct requires a minimum purchase amount of 1 , we are upset, enjoy buyers understanding!

?2?Our three express courier default STO rhyme through in SF need buyers can contact the customer to change price also express less contact customer service to modify.

?3?Buyers photographed before 17:00 the same day the orders usually in the evening issued a unified, single order number will be uploaded in the day 22:00 to 11 o'clock, do not repeated reminders mind carefully shot!

? 4?Due to a wide range of electronic components, model and diverse wrong, more likely less, please check immediately after receipt of the box if all of no damage,
As if questions please contact customer service.
?NOTE: We only valid commitment order within 7 days!?

?5?Component buy OUR goods must have knowledge and experience in the electronic shop without technical support, vide only partial information element Please consider the next single!

?6?Shop Opening ordinary invoices to be reimbursed, shop goods prices are exclusive of tax, for invoicing need to contact customer service to additional tax point six percent
?NOTE: We need to invoice orders of 200 or more out before, due to the limited number, please understand?

?7?We serve invoice receipt, invoice default only need a receipt, please leave a message or contact customer service notes!

?8?Trouble you disposable disposable photographed and required to confirm the order. Please use the shopping cart when the variety, photographed after payment refusal to amend the Canadian list. Thanks for your cooperation!



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