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Bluetooth 4.0 BLE from serial communication module + direct-drive mode CC2540 RF-BM-S02



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Bluetooth 4.0 data package

This non-CC2540 development board module, the module has been grammed firmware from the serial port transparent transmission mode, when you can get a direct serial transparent transmission Bluetooth module, please know!

Module details, contact customer service after purchase please ask!

vide information:

1. module manual.

2. Phone app?Our own customized app, does not vide source code?.

3. Google Android phone app and receive official source?Andrews engineers can easily develop their own transplant app, our test app ported from developed here?

Figure 4. Chip Module Outline?Altium designer?To facilitate the rapid development

1. Bluetooth 4.0 module overview

The main features of the module

 without any Bluetooth RF tocol stack and application experience

 Support Bridge Mode?Penetrate?

 high-speed transfer rate of up to max 6Kbps / S

 ultra low-power communications TX Current0.5mA RX Current0.5mA

 low standby power 0.3-0.4uA

 support for Apple iphone4S, ipd3, after the model of communication ipd4

 support and Bluetooth 4.0 features Android mobile communications android4.3 more

Size: 1.5 * 1.1cm

Power parameters:

1. Sleep mode 0.3uA

2. Broadcast?Broadcast period 20ms?0.15-1.01mA

3. Connection Status?Connection interval 20ms?2.06mA

4.BRTS buy low-emission state 8.74mA

Implement basic serial transparent transmission operation requires connection pins

Bluetooth microcontroller

3.3V --------- pick 3.3v power supply

Then the power GND GND ---------

TX ----------- then RXD

RX ----------- connected TXD

EN ----------- directly connected to GND or low IO

BRTS -------- Or directly connected to GND IO down

main feature:


S02 only from the transparent transmission of non-direct-drive IO modules, please know







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