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Chip Value usbasp usbisp avr download cable 51 / AVR / USB download cable avrusb download cable



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500mA over-current protection with self-healing fuse Completely protect expensive computer motherboard!

Cable length 75cm !!!! soft wire, Shang Hao!

Support WIN7

We all know that the USB interface can supply 5V power to the peripherals. This line can be downloaded by jumper J1 choose whether power outward. However, when the power supply in case of a short circuit, computer motherboards dangerous. We ly in USB power port plus 500 mA resettable fuse. When the output current is greater than 500 mA Overcurrent or short circuit , Resettable fuse will immediately cut off the current to protect the computer motherboard! When the short releasing, resettable fuse will automatically return to normal state, the programmer can continue normal use!

 designed specifically for notebook computers, the ad hoc two 3.6V regulator, so that a perfect match level, get rid of hidden dangers of instability hardware circuit! Target board power mode jumper settings.

In the design of hardware circuit, it does not affect the stability of a simplified out any device, ely 3.6V regulator determined not to save, matching the level of . PCB in accordance with standard high-speed board design, stability class. Isp 10-pin socket mounted on a board, while saving space and beautiful, the key is not loose with multiple plug.


 present studio well-configured firmware, unique Speed Adaptive Technology Between stability and speed to obtain the best balance! Supports firmware unlimited upgrades!

USBASP and parallel download cable is different, it is the internal firmware program. Firmware version number, the is different, the public version of the firmware will use two tranches of speed governor jumper, inconvenient and less speed rating; sellers carefully selected and modified firmware, multi-stage automatic speed control. For example: when the AVR MCU is 1MHz internal oscillator circuit, then automatically download the firmware with a lower speed, its download about 4K program to be about 3 seconds; while the same model for the use of an external 12MHz crystal oscillator of the microcontroller, the clock speed up It can support higher download speed, download the same program, automatic acceleration firmware, download only to be less than 1 second. The above experiments reflect the automatic speed control, customers can ate themselves! This download unlimited line firmware upgrade. Users can according to their needs, to amend its own firmware, build their own download cable To be sure AVR microcontroller based .

Which USBASP Download Features:

1 ,stand by USB1.1 or USB2.0 Communications.

2 , stand by WIN98 , WINME , WIN2K , WINXP Other operating systems.

3 ,use USB Port power supply, since the resumption of the power supply output is 500MA Can effectively prevent a short circuit on the outside USB influences, Target board and also at the same time USB Together with the power supply.

3 , The download is complete does not affect the operation of the target board.

4 ,stand by S51 and AVR Chip burn faster than the parallel port ISP Faster, more stable; there is no parallel port and the best choice for notebook computers.

5 , Using the latest version of the super-stable firmware, Low speed when downloading without jumper selection, Download faster and more stable.

6 , Using a standard IDC10 interface

Interface definition:



AT89S51 versus S52 Series pin download cable connected to the corresponding definition:



SCK P1.7





Download supports programming of the chip:

51 series

AT89S51 AT89S52

AVR series

AT90can128 AT90can32 AT90can64 AT90pwm2 AT90pwm3 AT90s1200 AT90s2313 AT90s2323 AT90s2343 AT90s4414 AT90S8515 AT90S8535 AT90usb1286 AT90usb1287

Atmega103 Atmega128 Atmega1280 Atmega1281 Atmega16 Atmega161 Atmega162 Atmega163 Atmega164 Atmega165 Atmega168 Atmega169 Atmega2560 Atmega2561 Atmega32 Atmega323 Atmega324 Atmega325 Atmega3250 Atmega3259 Atmega329 Atmega3290 Atmega406 Atmega48 Atmega64 Atmega640 Atmega644 Atmega645 Atmega6450 Atmega649 Atmega6490 Atmega8 Atmega8515 Atmega8535 Atmega88

Attiny11 Attiny12 Attiny13 Attiny15 Attiny22 Attiny2313 Attiny24

Attiny25 Attiny26 Attiny261 Attiny28 Attiny44 Attiny45 Attiny46

Attiny461 Attiny84 Attiny85 Attiny861


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