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Department Order HC-12 SI4463 wireless microcontroller serial module 433 long-range 1000M replace Bluetooth



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HC-12 Specification Download link:

1: supply voltage 3.2V ~ 5.5V. If the module you want to work long hours in the emission state State, a series is recommended when the supply voltage exceeds 4.5V 1N4007 diode to avoid heating module built LDO

2 : Default communication distance Open test : 600m or so Adjustable maximum communication distance reach 1000m, the air baud rate 5000bps .

3: The default idle current: 16MA Current work in different modules in different operating modes .

4: Module Size: 27.8mm14.4mm4mm.

5: Work frequency Van rate Enclose 433.4473.0MHz Up to 100 Communication frequency Road  maximum 100mW hair Power shot can Assume Put

6: The default settings: Operating mode FU3, baud rate 9600bps, communication channel CH001 (433.4M).


A: Test Environment


In the desert plains or the sea from the test have 1000M.

II: Test Environment


In a small amount of cars and road test tree and lamppost, 500 meters from the binary


-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -

Ground floor between the various high-rise straight from the re-test the binary is 250 meters indoors, you can cover a building, there is a small corner, you can not wear steel floor.



Above Map Shown HC-12 mold Piece Used in place of half-duplex communication Time Physical Connection left side of equipment To mold Block fat Send serial data, left side mold Piece of RXD After the serial port receives data from move The data is not Radio Wave way hair To the air. right side Mold Piece Can be self move Received, and from TXD also Former first left Edge equipment The hair Serial data. Is a right-to-left kind of.





HC-12 module has three serial transparent transmission mode, with FU1, FU2 and FU3 representation. In use, the various models are Just and receive serial data, wireless air transport section tube. Default FU3 work in full speed mode, this Mode can be automatically adjusted according to the air baud serial port baud rate, the baud rate at low distances. Different patterns are Data can not pass each other, the user can choose the optimal mode according to the actual situation.
When the generic is not limited to the number of bytes in a continuous serial transmission module. But in view of environmental interference and other factors, a Continuous sending large amounts of data, it might be missing some bytes. Therefore, the host computer must have the best response and retransmission mechanisms, To prevent information loss.
1: FU1
This mode is for the more power-saving mode, the module is idle current work is about 3. 6mA. In this mode the same module You can set the table as shown in the following eight kinds of baud rate, but unified air baud rate 250000bps.
2: FU2
This mode is the power saving mode, the operating current of the module is idle is around 80A. Module only supports this mode
1200 bps, 2400 bps and 4800 bps serial port baud rate, RF data rate unification 250000bps. Other set
Baud rate, the module can not communicate properly. At the same time, at FU1 and FU2 FU3 mode to mode, more than the 4800 bps serial baud rate will always be automatically reduced to 4800 bps. After testing, this mode of data transmission when there is little BUG, temporarily does not recommend the use of FU2 mode, we will first modify BUG, update the program.
3: FU3
These modules operate at full speed, idle workers As the current is about 16mA. In this mode, the module will automatically adjust the wireless transmit RF data rate according to the serial port baud rate, The correspondence is as follows:

Baud rate









Air baud rate





In order to make possible communication distance away, the baud rate can be set low baud rate. If the transfer of large amounts of short-term It is, put serial port baud rate is set high baud rate, but at the expense of the communication distance.

Different RF data rate condition module receiving sensitivity in the following table:
Air baud rate 5000bps 15000bps 58000bps 236000bps
Wireless receiving sensitivity -117dBm -112dBm -107dBm -100dBm

In general, the receiving sensitivity of each drop 6dB, the communication distance will be reduced by half.

Here are some of the characteristics of the various modes of reference values:

mode FU1 FU2 FU3 Remark
Idle Current 3.6mA 80uA 16mA average value
Propagation delay 4 ~ 80mS 500mS 4 ~ 80mS Send a byte
Loopback test 1 31mS     9600 baud rate, send a byte
Loopback test 2 31mS     9600 baud rate, send ten bytes

Note: The loopback test delay means, a short module TX and RX pins, send serial data to another module, from the beginning Send serial data counter play another module TX pins appear to return data during this time.

AT command set module parameters
AT command is used to set the parameters of the function module and switching module after setting and exit setting mode to take effect. with When, modify parameters and functions, power-down is not lost.
1 Enter the command mode
The first to enter the normal use It has the power In the fifth SET pin is set low;
The second way to enter the power, pin 5 SET to set low and then on again.
Both methods can make the module into AT command mode, release SET pin is not connected low Exit means Order mode. After exiting the command mode, if you change the module function, the function will be cut to the appropriate state.
The second fixed in serial format 9600, N, 1 entry AT.
2 Instruction Description
? AT
Test instructions
Send module commands AT, module returns OK.
? AT + Bxxxx
Change baud rate command. You can set the baud rate is 1200bps, 2400bps, 4800bps, 9600bps, 19200bps, 38400bps, 57600bps and 115200bps. The default is 9600bps.
Set the module serial port baud rate 19200bps, please send module commands AT + B19200, module returns
OK + B19200.
? AT + Cxxx
Change the wireless communication channel, selectable from 001-127 After more than 100 radio channels, the communication distance is not . The default value is the wireless channel 001, the operating frequency of 433.4MHz. Stepping channel is 400KHz, channel Operating Frequency 100 is 473.0 MHz.
Setting module to Channel 21, please send module commands AT + C021, the module returns OK + C021.
drop out After the command mode, the module operates in 21 channels, operating frequency is 441.4 MHz.
Note: Due to the sensitivity of the radio receiver module HC-12 is relatively high, when the air rate is greater than 58000 bps, It must be staggered five adjacent channel to use. When RF data rate is not greater than 58000 bps, if the short distance 10 m Within Communication, also requires the use of shifted adjacent channel 5.
? AT + FUx
Change module serial port transparent transmission mode, there are FU1, FU2 and FU3 three modes. Module The default mode is FU3, dies Serial transparent mode block must be set to the same communication. Details please see above wireless serial transparent transmission Introduction section.
Send module commands AT + FU1, the module returns AT + O K.
? AT + Px
Set the module transmit power level, x 18 desirable, the corresponding module transmit power as follows:

x value









Module transmits power (DBm)









The default setting is 8, the maximum transmission power, communication distances. Transmit power level is set to 1, the transmit power small. In general, the transmit power of each drop 6dB, the communication distance will be reduced by half.
Send module commands AT + P 5, the module returns OK + P5. After exiting the command mode, the module transmit power is +11 dBm .
A more detailed instruction, please return to the top of AT Quguan network link to download HC-12 specifications.

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