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FM Radio Transmitter Module to create a radio station transmitter module



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- Have you ever dreamed of their own to establish a radio station do? That would be a very wonderful thing, you can share your favorite music to others, great, right? !

- This module will modulate your sound files into FM radio broadcasting, there are people receiving device is able to listen to it!

Wea library can simplify the design, to make your design easier!


  • Arduino compatible Plug and Play
  • Board microphone
  • Input voltage range: 3.0V ~ 5.0V


Hardware connection

If you happen to have Arduino compatible sensor expansion board, then the module will be connected to the Arduino compatible 's easy:


If there is no sensor expansion board, you can try the following connections:

Arduino compatible FM Module
GND ------------ GND
5V ------------ VCC
SDA ------------ SDA
SCL ------------ SCL

Then, connect the antenna. Any rough 75cm long metal wire can be used as an antenna .

Code and results

Download Library file, and the code is loaded to the Arduino compatible . Then, open the serial port monitor, you'll see:


Turn out your radio device and set it at FM 90MHz. Enjoy!


The following documents are required, please contact the buyer's shoes.

  • Library for Arduino compatible
  • manual
  • Datasheet
  • Schematic PDF format

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