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This module is based on a resistive divider principle design, make the interface terminal input voltage reduced 5 times, Arduino compatible analog input voltage up to 5V, then the input voltage of the voltage detection module can not be greater than 5V5 = 25V?If the system uses 3.3V input voltage does not exceed 3.3Vx5 = 16.5V?. Because Arduino compatible AVR chips used in 10 AD, so this module analog resolution 0.00489V?5V / 1023?, So the voltage detection module detects the minimum input voltage is 0.00489V5 = 0.02445V.
Voltage input range: DC0-25V
Voltage detection range: DC0.02445V-25V
Voltage analog resolution: 0.00489V
DC input connector: the positive terminal connected to VCC, the negative pole GND
Output interface: + pick 5 / 3.3V, - connection GND, s then the Arduino compatible AD pins

Reference Code:
# IncludeWire.h


voidsetup ()
pinMode (LED1, OUTPUT);
Serial.begin (9600);
Serial.println (Emartee.Com);
Serial.println (Voltage :);
Serial.print (V);
voidloop ()
val11 = analogRead (1);
temp = val11 / 4.092;
val11 = (int) temp; //
val2 = ((val11% 100) / 10);
Serial.println (val2);
delay (1000);


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