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HC-08 Bluetooth serial module Bluetooth 4.0 microampere current long-range low-power Bluetooth



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TXD : Serial port, 3.3V TTL Level.

RXD : Serial port to receive, 3.3V TTL Level.

CTS : Serial flow control is not supported.

RTS : Serial flow control is not supported.

DC : Simulation, gramming clock pin.

DD : Simulation, data burning feet.

RST : Module reset pin is required not less than 5ms LOW reset.

VCC : Module supply pins required DC 3.3V The power supply current is not less than 100mA .

GND : Module common ground.

led : LED module output pin, high output, then led Please series resistor.

Connection ago,

When the host is not a slave address recorded light per second 100ms ;

Recording machine from the host address, per light 900ms ;

Each slave 2 Sec On 1 second.

After connection, led Always.

KEY : Input pin, internal pull-down. This feet high, clear the record for the host address from the machine.

PIO : Extensions for setting the module master-slave mode, the default internal pull-up resistor from the machine; external pull-down resistor connected 1K To the ground, as the host.


Currently only supports 9600bps Communication is not supported AT instruction. Host, when communications pass through the machine from, have a certain time interval between packets. For example, the packet length 500 Bytes, the transmission time interval between packets can be set to not less than 600ms . Otherwise, you may lose data.

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