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HC-11 433 wireless module to serial port C1101 low power microcontroller development remote module



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PS: HC-11 can not be connected to communicate with the HC-12, they work independently, in pairs.

HC-11 wireless upgrade module to the serial port V1.9 Version, we shipped are shipped in accordance with the latest version.

V1.9 Version fixes V1.8 version part BUG. And V1.9 version supports online upgrade, we will vide customers with a software upgrade, after the introduction of a version of HC-11, the first time customers can upgrade their modules.

HC-11 Specification:

 3.4ma silent current ultra-low power.

2: long-distance, using the distance 1 ~ 40M.?Less than 1M, the module does not work?.

3: Support 3.3V ~ 5V wide voltage use

4: support serial transparent transmission mode, replace the serial cable?Half-duplex?

5: You can set the frequency, such as dozens of commands, automatic filtering

6: Module Size: 27.8mm14.4mm4mm.

7: Network Design for


10: Module supports software upgrades.?We vide software upgrades to customers?


In the desert plains or the sea from the test has 100M. In a small amount of cars and tree and lamppost road test distance of 75 meters. Ground floor in a variety of high-rise towering straight line test distance is 40 meters, indoors you can cover a home. There will be too close to signal saturation to 1 meter or more.

433MHz ordinary wireless, open channel, serial transparent transmission. It can be many, many-to-many transmission. Five foot pin, easy to use.

A: Power, 3.3V to 5V.?Earlier versions is 3.3V?

Two: to.

Three: RX?TTL?

Four: TX?TTL?

Five: configuration pins. Vacant do not take.

The default baud rate: 9600, pass each module. When using the same cable.

VI: in 2400, 4800 baud, you can upgrade STC microcontroller wireless remote and download the gram.

Module Introduction

The role of the module is to replace wire serial connection between two devices to achieve data transmission wireless. For example, two single-chip modules respectively connected, As long as the serial port transceiver can operate Microcontroller module without any control. This is very convenient reality wireless communication.

Module used in pairs to Half-duplex mode Transferring data. A pair of two modules, baud rate and communication channels must be set the same. If there are multiple peripheral modules, it is necessary to set the channel, and because the number of channels between the different modules, data is transmitted transparently.

Later in this document gives some connections circuit diagram module.

Wireless serial module default settings are: communication baud rate 9600 , Wireless communication channel 001 . The user can change other values?Reference Instruction Description?. The first can be pulled low 5 Electrical steps on the pin and then restore the default baud rate 9600 , Channel 001 .

Module is divided into four kinds of serial transparent transmission mode, respectively FU1 ~ FU4 said AT command switching between different modes. ? Switching AT commands AT commands, see the following description?

Note: Different serial module transparent transmission mode can not communicate with each other!


1: FU1 mode

Default mode, fully compatible with previous versions.

2: FU2 mode

Idle this model ( No means and receive serial data ? Current average only 80uA , But the delay is much longer , pagation delay ap aching 400mS . When using this mode only selectable baud rate 4800 , 2400 , 1200 . Because of the long delay , When the continuous transmission of data to the serial module , once You can send only up 245 Bytes of data.


Ultra-low current consumption , Suitable for low-power applications.

3: FU3 mode

8MS transmission delay is reduced to less The corresponding power consumption also increased slightly.

4: FU4 mode

Transmission distance is longer, lower the baud rate, the longer the transmission distance, Corresponding transmission delay also increased slightly

Four kinds of serial transparent transmission mode parameters

mode FU1 FU2 FU3 FU4 Remark
Idle Current 3.5mA 80uA 22mA 22mA average value
Transmission delay 20mS 380ms 2mS 7mS Send a byte
Loopback test 1 31mS   8mS


Serial port baud rate: 9600, send a byte
Loopback test 2 31mS   18mS 40mS Serial port baud rate: 9600, made 10 bytes

Note: The loopback test delay means, short TX and RX pins of a module, send serial data to another module, serial data sent from the beginning to play another module TX pin count appeared to return to the data from this period .




Instruction Description


Enter AT command mode are two

The first: Connect 3.3V After the voltage, then the first 5 Pin low?It has been low?, The module is in AT Command mode, pushed to exit command mode.


The second: power outages, the fifth pin first, then re-power low, over-1S after entering the AT mode, Pulled exit command mode.


The instructions are as follows:


1. AT

Send this command will return OK character.

Example: Hair AT return OK


2. AT + V

Module returns version information.

Example: Hair AT + V return HC-11_V0.0


3. AT + Bxxxx

The baud rate is set xxxx . This value can be 2400 , 4800 , 9600 , 19200 , 38400 , 57600 , 115200 .

example 1 :hair AT + B4800 return OK-4800

example 2 :hair AT + B115200 return OK-115200


4. AT + Cxxx

Set the communication channel. From 001 To 127 Optional.

Example: Hair AT + C058 return OK-058




5. AT + FUx

Switching serial transparent transmission mode. 1 to 4, x is optional.

Example: Send AT + FU1 return OK + FU1



HC-11 Specification: ##2##

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