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Infrared body sensor switch LED lamp energy saving lamp adjustable sensitivity human infrared sensor module



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The open switch intelligent design, light dark when they could only sense the body work, auto sleep when lit. As for the multi-light to work, it can be adjusted at the in the evening light adjustment before starting work.

Lamps divided according to their characteristics and sensibility resistive lamps are two, the product support. After the band switch can be set.


The default is insufficient light was lit, Fixture, sensitivity potentiometer in general, are not required to adjust. The right way, the sensitivity potentiometer is also very easy to adjust. Try to almost no adjustment element outer shell had protected. Rigorous design, safety .

Compatibility switch The default location can take a general light, and if you do not take with starter fluorescent lamp does not require adjustment. Compatibility switch protective casing, effectively avoid power lines Wiring Since poorly designed sensor switch High-voltage terminal from A large area of the metal shell Compatibility switch close Unintentionally touching an internal device compatibility and low voltage switch a large area of the metal, resulting in damage when the power Sensor Switch. The details reflect safe.





The company's product is the use of infrared sensor switch works, the use of human body emitted infrared particular, this is detected by the infrared sensor to the infrared frequency selection change is amplified and processed, push the appropriate load. Basic does not produce false positives

Environmental protection

The product is environmentally friendly solder paste, lead-.


Only products increase the overcurrent protection, increase the fuse in the circuit, which prevent spontaneous combustion of the product.


And the circuit board in the high-pressure part of the insulating paint is also used to prevent high voltage circuits from getting wet.


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