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infrared obstacle avoidance module sensor switch 38KHz | Enhanced Adjustable anti edition 2-180CM



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Operating current (5V when): Typical current 6ma

38KHz infrared obstacle avoidance module Enhanced anti-jamming Edition ?KC-S80009?

duct description

Non-logic chip oscillation frequency adjustment 38KHz detection circuit. This 38KHZ infrared obstacle avoidance module, completely blocked the traditional photoelectric obstacle avoidance detection distance and unity normally open or normally closed output signal And can not avoid the occurrence of the same section module on the radio or on the remote control infrared light interference.


Multiple mounting welding, vertical and horizontal, to expand the range of applications

Plus set precision potentiometers, 38KHz infrared detection range adjustment

Sensor with enable port for easy application of the signal line as bus lines

Power-on default port enable high sensor enables detection output

Detection range of up to 1.2 meters away.

Enhanced software vided with the money to avoid the occurrence of the module on the radio or other varieties of infrared remote control devices infrared light interference

Use EEPROM to record each module's work, the bability of interference with the money to 1%

Low-level output signal

Pin SIP header, application breadboard or through-hole jects

On-board jumpers JP, shorted output signal having a latch function, otherwise jog output



Main Specifications

  • Power requirements: 5 VDC
  • Communications: digital high / low output
  • Operating temperature: 32 to 158F?0 to + 70C?
  • Size: 2.4cm2.8cm


Creative Applications

  • Warehouse Gated light switch?Latch settings?
  • Trigger Security Alarm System
  • Automatic duction line conveyor belt count the number of objects
  • Robot control, etc.



The maximum detection range of 38KHz infrared obstacle avoidance module is 2 meters. However, if you use in this area of the sensor readings have triggered the error factor in the current environment, the board can be adjusted within the range potentiometer to reduce the detection range. stable?Latch?Receiving 1.2 meters away.


Pin Description

Pin Number





Negative power supply



5VDC power supply positive



Signal output pins



Signal output enable pin


Work and pay attention to the phenomenon


Infrared emission tube outer black shrink tube is has the effect, must be tightly wrapped with infrared emission control, otherwise diffuse out of the infrared light can interfere with the infrared receiver, a direct impact on the output signal. Emission emission head is exposed to positive center, so you can narrow angle for distributing infrared emission control, it can effectively distance to the front obstacle detection, prevention to reduce interference.


After power-up, the board red LED will flash 3 times to enter the working state. When an obstacle is detected in front of the distance, the red LED will light up the board, otherwise the industry off, while SIG pin will output a low level signal, EN pin must be high under the premise. EN pins default to high to enable the sensor to work. If the board JP bridging is shorted, the first obstacle is detected ahead, the board red LED lights up, while SIG output low, until the front obstacle disappears, red LED output pin and SIG latch signal even before a state, that remain lit and low-level output signal; when the second?Even-numbered?When an obstacle is detected, the red light is off the board, while the output signal SIG transitions high. Until the third?The odd?Detected, the latch state to shift.


This version 38KHZ obstacle avoidance module solves the same money or the same remote control infrared light interference, compared with the previous version of the article in the red part of the update adds section. 2012-10-22

Enable port using the functional test cedures are as follows


/ *************************************************
* gram-name: Infrared obstacle avoidance module enabled to use *
* MCU: STC89C52RC *
* OSC: 12MHz *
* WDT: DIS *
* Compiler: Vision V4.00a *
* editor: Cao Yanhuan (KC_8023) *
* Time: 2013-03-12 *
************************************************* /
#include REGX51.H
sbit LED = P1 ^ 0; // Detect when an object in front of a lamp Low lighting
sbit EN = P1 ^ 1; // Whether to open an infrared detection module Active High
sbit SIG = P1 ^ 2; // Low detection Infrared Module Active Low
void delay_nus (unsigned int i) // Delay: i = 12, i 12 us single minimum delay
i = i / 10;
while (- i);
void delay_nms (unsigned int n) // n ms delay
n = n + 1;
while (- n)
delay_nus (900); // Delay 1ms, at the same time compensate
void main ()
while (1)
EN = 1; // Turn on infrared detection module
delay_nms (150); // Wait infrared obstacle avoidance module 150mS detection cessing time
if (SIG == 0) // Infrared obstacle avoidance module output low
LED = 0; // Common anode connection
LED = 1;
EN = 0; // Close Infrared detector module
delay_nms (400); // Indicator work time?That is to launch a detection module every 400MS?



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