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Infrared sensor switch, supporting all lights types



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Infrared sensor switch, supporting all lights time adjustment - 10 seconds -360 seconds, factory preset to 15 seconds. The open switch intelligent design, only light dark when they could sense the body work, auto-sleep when lit. As multi-light before work can be adjusted, Lamps their properties into emotional and resistive lamps are two, this product support! After the band switch can be set. This product is designed to clean and elegant appearance all raw materials used in A-grade plastic, smooth surface, anti-oxidation anti-aging, can withstand the test of time, not yellow Separate upper and lower case, four mounting screw holes it The internal overload protection device is added to prevent errors during installation, high and low part of the insulating coating completely isolated! Such harsh conditions are not afraid of the installation environment, such as air humidity green decoration has become an international trend for long-term consideration, all SMT chip technology used in the company are lead-free solder, copper silver mixing elements. More conductive Lead-free soldering processes and have lead solder is easy to distinguish from the welding appearance, have lead solder joints look shiny, lead-free tin color, full pads, but not shiny surface. On the human body sensing distance until OFF action of infrared probe , material and more can not be sloppy! Although Japan does not like something, you can test the Ni Saila after repeated probes in this stock really is the best! Infrared body eventually switch from the role of the electronic switch is thyristor depicts it! Because this part of high-voltage high-current power components, the choice of this part of the more noteworthy. STMicroelectronics SCR can be described as the best in the industry, of course, the price is not a substitute for domestic can compare In the last big current board member is shown above the bridge rectifier module, and in fact, the basic is not bad, so a half made ??in China, Taiwan out KBP206 power category IC This home is well done To ensure reliable product safety, onboard two kilovolt voltage capacitor regulations to prevent pollution of the grid and filter out interference on the power grid, in line with international standards certified easily, this is exported must be done! bove the sensor switch used real materials, power enough! (From the picture probably count the number of components will be very clear); exquisite high-power plug-in DIP and SMT mixing process! Not just security worries! It is a guarantee of quality! Of course, there will certainly be Jerry colleagues concocted baseless lies to "question" of The components used are original authentic Delay potentiometer on the outside with a small flathead screwdriver to adjust, adjust the angle of 240 degrees, the time the factory default is 10 seconds or so, the time adjustment range is 15 ~ 360 seconds, the time and adjust the angle of roughly proportional Stability The company's product is the use of infrared sensor switch works, the use of human body emitted infrared particular, this is detected by the infrared sensor to change and be enlarged infrared frequency selection processing, push the appropriate load. Basic does not produce false positives 4 . Environmental protection The product is environmentally friendly solder paste, lead-free. 5 . Safety Only products increase the overcurrent protection, increase the fuse in the circuit, which prevent spontaneous combustion of the product. And the circuit board in the high-pressure part also used insulating paint, avoid high-voltage circuits from getting wet. Product Features : 1. Wide operating voltage : AC110V - 250V ( suitable for global voltage around . Taiwan . US .. other foreign are available ) . 2. single system : two lines , with the same general manual switch connection ( without Dobb line , save money trouble ). 3. take common sense can not switch connected load : energy-saving lamps , incandescent lamps ( bulbs ), old-fashioned fluorescent ( inductive with the starter ), electronic fluorescent , ring lights , T5 lamps , spotlights , transformers , small electrical , electromagnetic valve , a mixed load ( a variety of different loads together ) .... all types of load ! 4. Wide delay time adjustment : about 10 seconds --6 minutes adjustable ! 5. Sensitivity adjustable : turn on the lights during the day or at night , free to choose , more humane ! 6. effective against power fluctuations and electromagnetic interference, more stable performance, avoid electromagnetic interference with other electrical switches and cell phone signals can cause errors in the switch lighting to more energy efficiency and extend lamp life! 7. Lightning function : Special lightning protection devices , can effectively prevent lightning and other high-voltage transient damage caused to the switch . Renderings Electrical parameters : Operating voltage : 110V-250V ( not only domestic use , but also for Taiwan , and overseas , 110V power supply countries can use ) Load power : 1w ~ . 200W ( inductive loads, such as LED lights, energy saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, maximum load power 100W ) Delay time : 10 seconds around -6 minutes adjustable . Sensing distance : 0-8 meters around ( and installed a direct relationship ). Induction angle : 110-140 degrees or so ( there is a direct relationship with the installation ). Connection : single wire ( two lines , with the same general manual switch wiring , without Dobb line , without any peripheral accessories , save money trouble ). Load types : energy saving lamps , incandescent lamps ( bulbs ), old-fashioned fluorescent ( inductive with the starter ), electronic fluorescent , ring lights , T5 lamps , spotlights , transformers , small electrical appliances , solenoid valves , mixed load ( a variety of different loads together ) .... all types of load ! Applications : automatic lighting corridors, corridor, basement, warehouse, garage and other places of automatic ventilation exhaust fan and other electrical automatic control and other functions, but also can be used for security purposes Installation instructions :( must-see ) 1. is simple: direct replacement of ordinary switch, just as ordinary switch wiring; you can start with an ordinary switch to test well, and then put sensor switch is very safe, two lines were received on two pillars, random then, no sub-polar . (Note: You can not take the line of fire with the zero line on the switch) 2. installed in the walls and the top can be, pay attention to the left and right direction sensing angle about 120 degrees vertical angle sensor 100 degrees. 3. If you are installing a large amount of heat lamps (eg incandescent lamps) and switch should be kept at 1 meter above the distance ( such as too close will appear from the open , self-related phenomena ). If there is no way so far away, you can something in between them spaced points foam, wood, cardboard and the like, the barrier at the heat radiated interference 4. The first time the access circuit initialization takes about 1-3 minutes (during which it may automatically open / close is normal) 5. during the day or around the strong light , install sensor switch , because by default sensor switch , light is not bright (or insufficient light at night , someone close before induction lighting) and can also be used hand Wujin probe sensor switch ( dome ) to test sensor switch, so light will light up. There are light-sensitive switch is darker, the more sensitive characteristics! If you feel that sensor switch insensitive, there is generally affect the sensor switch the light sensitivity, the solution is that the counter-clockwise around the callback " sensitivity " potentiometer! On it . The easiest to install : after the buyer received , adjusted can not adjust , you can just take a good line , wait until the evening , on the people to light , people take the lights went out ! Delay time , speed , have a good tune . The default is the shortest of delays , about 15 or so seconds , the default is only the evening before the photosensitive lights ( daytime installation , is not lit ). Features : Based on infrared technology, automatic control products, when someone enters switch sensing range, special sensors to detect changes in the infrared spectra of the human body, the switch automatically switches the load, do not leave the sensor range ( people activity), the switch will continue to turn on ; people After leaving, the switch time delay automatic shut load. People to the lights, people from the lights out, friendly convenience, safety and energy conservation. Unipolar design : with an ordinary wall switch ( wire connection ), and the load capacity of 200W Automatic induction : one to switch immediately turned on , turn off automatically after people left the delay . Non-contact electronic switch : ON Instant large inrush current loads , extended load life . No contact , no spark switch . Automatic Metering : light intensity without induction ( factory setting ), with photographic adjustment ( also adjustable induction or all-day induction in any light ). Automatic random delay ( continuous delayed mode ): human activity in the induction range , the switch is always turned on , until the people left after the automatic shut down . Another non-continuous delay mode ( optional ). Adjustable delay time Adjustable delay time : 10 seconds -350 seconds ( also according to customer requirements , customized range of zero seconds to 30 minutes ). Ultra-low power : Switch own power <0.0088W / h ( annual consumption <0.077 degrees ), more energy-saving than other brands of similar products .. Lightning function : Special lightning protection devices , can effectively prevent lightning and other high-voltage transient damage caused to the switch . Electrical parameters : Sensing Method Passive Operating Voltage AC100V-250V (50Hz / 60Hz) Induction principle PIR Own power <0.0088W / h Sensing distance 5 ~ 7 meters Load capacity Maximum : 200W, inductive loads require lower half power use Induction angle About 120 degrees, up and down 100 degrees Load Range All types of lamps , exhaust fans Light control sensor 5LUX-500LUX ( adjustable ) Ambient temperature -20

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