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ISD1700 ISD1760 voice recording module module containing the chip data



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ISD1700 Sound Module is quickly familiar with and master ISD1700 Series chips designed for a simple and practical board. It applies to ISD1700 Full range of chip, is simple, complete functions and so on. ISD1700 Series recording chip is a highly integrated, high-performance chips. It can be multi-segment recording, the sampling rate can be 4K to 12K Room tone Section, can supply range 2.4V to 5.5V between. ISD1700 There are also recording mpts, when the recordings, led Back to flash once every few seconds to mpt the user for recording. There are also 4 Kinds of sound to mpt the user's operating results, such as start recording, stop recording, erase, erase all under one and so on. Recording data stored in the chip FLASH Inside, without any compression, so there is a sound and power storage. Chip has two separate voice signal input channel, microphone input and analog signal input. In standalone mode button, a function operation is completed when the chip will automatically enter power-down mode to reduce power consumption. in SPI Mode, the user can operate the chip more features. As for any memory address recorders, analog channel configuration register? Analog PathConfiguration register, APC ?Read and write and so on.

Second, the module description
1. size: 5.2CM * 5.5CM;
2. powered by: 5V;
3. Recording time: 6K Time 75 second, 8K Time 60 second;
4. Chip operating frequency 6KHZ and 8KHZ Alternatively;
5. With power indicator light, the chip LED lights;
6. Simple operation, no microcontroller or other modules will be able to work directly;
7. Chip control pin is already leads to facilitate the control connection

three, ISD1700 Instructions modules work independently?Key Description?
1 . recording REC:
Press and hold REC Key while led Lights up, this time against MIC Speak, speak into the content will be recorded ISD1700 Voice chip it.
After recording this key period after the lift, led Will also off, press again to start recording the second paragraph, after paragraphs were operating.
2 . Playback PLAY:
There are two ways, edge-triggered and level-triggered.?NOTE: After recording tone playback pointer will remain in the starting address of the last segment finished recording, then playback will put the last paragraph?
? 1 ?Edge evaluation: point, click PLAY Key to put the current segment, during playback led Flashing off until the end of playback. After the end of playback playback pointer to the starting address of the segment just put, tap again PLAY End button will put just put this.
? 2 ?Level Trigger: often by PLAY All key chip will play all the voice messages, and the cycle until you release the button.
3 . Fast forward FWD:
Before performing playback operation, click this button, playback will point to the next paragraph, double-click the starting point to the second paragraph after paragraph. Tap this button during playback will stop playing and then play the next period of the current segment, if the last paragraph is currently playing, the player stops playing the last paragraph of the first paragraph.
4 . Erase ERASE:
Single Block Erase operation can only be effective on first and last paragraphs, when the playback pointer is first or last paragraph, press this key point first or the last paragraph is erased. Playback pointer will jump to the corresponding second paragraph or the penultimate paragraph prior to erasure. Often press the key over 3 Seconds into the chip Erase all operating modes ,Simultaneously led Lights flash twice, continue pressing this key, led Flicker 7 After next goes out, release the button, the voice information inside the chip is completely erased.
5 . Reset RESET:

Click this button to chip reset operation is performed. After reset, playback and recording pointer points to the last paragraph, the playback pointer to the last paragraph of the initiation, recording a pointer to the last paragraph of the last. Run the playback will play the last paragraph, the last paragraph and then perform the recording start recording a last paragraph.
6 . tuning VOL:
Click this button to adjust the size of the chip output sound. The default maximum output sound chip, according to each tap, the sound press 4db attenuation. Until quietest, continue to click this button, press each click, the sound increases 4db ?Note: After the reset, the maximum sound output?.
7 . FT Passthrough operations:
will FT Pin and GND Short, continued to maintain a low start passthrough mode. Straight from the operation will voice Analn End direct access to the speaker or AUD Output. During recording, if you press FT , Will also record Analn Incoming speech signal


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