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ITEAD W5100 Ethernet module development board with POE / Xbee / SD slot Iboard



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IBoard is a master + Arduino compatible development board W5100 Ethernet chip composed of the board but also with a lot of electronic building blocks interface to a variety of electronic building block module can easily add ITEAD vided. Board with the XBee interfaces, you can easily expand the wireless function. Download copy the address into your browser to download: ##1## Figure:

A0 ~ A5 can also be used as a digital port, serial port can also be used when soft. A4 and A5 for the IIC bus, A4 is SCL, A5 is SDA.

Download duct manuals and schematics: ##2## to your browser?

Smart home more and more fire, watching the big wave of ducts on a raging hit, but as the creator is off, DIY is the last word! Hereby we launched this series of smart home tutorial, let friends create customer personally experience the transformation of fun. In this very grateful! Intelligent customer record vides platform technology home to save the world!
We'll teach you how to DIY "smart home gateway", it's like a master, responsible for household connected to the Internet, receive and send commands. With it, we can always check the temperature and humidity at home, work ahead of hot water, air conditioning smart regulation, monitoring the situation at home. Just a little effort you can make at home as cool as a science fiction movie!

Here is the time we need to use the main components:


Other accessories: Mini USB cable X1,9V ~ 12V / 1A power adapter X1, networked cable X 1


The first step: nRF24L01 + module into specific interface IBOARD MPU


Step two: FOCA to serial plate inserted IBOARD the gramming port, switch to 3.3v side.


PS: This FOCA to serial board comes with its own reset pin, firmware gramming without manual operation. It can also be used as a base xbee serial communication.
The third step: connect the network cable and mini USB cable to the computer
The fourth step: install the drivers for the hardware
a, right-click My Computer or Computer, open the Administration
b, enter the Device Manager, under the com port will be USB Serial Port
c, right-click USB Serial Port, select Update Driver Software
d, click Browse my computer for driver software
e, select the drivers directory of your arduino compatible IDE located at, for example, my path is:D: \ arduino compatible -1.0.4 \ drivers
f, click OK or Next to completeDriver Installation

Step Five: To IBOARD firmware gramming? to modify the source code to implement the function you want?
Libraries and demo Download: ##3## to the browser to download?
1. Unzip the downloaded library file into libraries directory of your arduino compatible IDE folder inside
2, open the arduino compatible software, select Tools-Serial Port-COMX
3, COMX is in COM digital computer equipment manager of FOCA
4. Select the Tools-Board-Arduino compatible Due milanove w / ATmega328
5, the gateway file?Used Notepad to open?Inside the source code copied to the arduino compatible gram interface
6, in the code you will see APIKEY appear as xxxxxxxxxx, this modification into your apikey?In ##4## registered account, you can see into the gateway?

7, click on the left button first compiled, if the gram is successfully compiled a second click on the download button to start downloading the gram.
At this point, the gateway hardware and cedures have been completed.
Then, networking test:
1, using a mobile phone or pc web page open create intelligent customer control terminal, and log in to your account

2. Click on the home environment and then click on the gateway status, if the current state is displayed Gateway is running, even up to your account.
Well, the last can use a separate power adapter to your gateway power supply, it is not like a router?
You can also use the wireless module 433/315, xbee, zigbee like.

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