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L298N motor driver board module DC stepper motor robot smart car



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Tips: Now the market appears imitation of our module ducts, the company's L298 chip is chip, electrolytic patch is the use of two high-voltage 35V 220UF high capacitance, and imitation module is refurbished second-hand chip, 35V 100UF 10V 100UF low voltage and low capacitance. Please purchase recognize. in order to avoid being taken in, the whole circuit board burned.


  • L298N drive motor 28BYJ-48
  • Tutorial link:
  • Documents -
  • Module name - Dual H-bridge motor driver module
  • Operating mode - H-bridge driver?Dual?
  • Master chip - L298N
  • Logic voltage 5V
  • Driving voltage 5V-35V
  • Logical current 0mA-36mA
  • Drive current 2A (MAX single bridge)
  • storage temperature -20 ? to + 135 ?
  • Maximum power 25W
  • weight 30g
  • External dimensions 43 * 43 * 27mm


  • This module uses ST's L298N chip as the main drive, with driving ability, low heat, anti-jamming features.
  • This module can be used to take power through the built-in 78M05 drive power part of the work, but in order to avoid damage to the regulator chip, when a drive voltage greater than 12V, please use an external 5V logic supply.
  • This module uses high-capacity filter capacitors, wheeling diode tection, reliability can be im ved.



1. When you drive voltage? The figure marked as 12V input, can accept the actual input range is 7-12V ?To 7V -12V, You can enable the on-board 5V logic supply, when using the onboard 5V power supply, interface + 5V

2. When the drive voltage higher than 12V, 24V or less?Chip can support manual poses to 35V, but in accordance with an

298 Conservative general inspection applications to 24V maximum voltage support has been very great!?When, for example, to drive rated voltage

18V motor. First, you must unplug the onboard 5V output enable jumper caps. And then 5V 5V output port External Access

That enabled 5V A level of 5V control signal When this signal input is active, and motor driven Module power supply is normal, motor driven Module output current. Otherwise, even if the power supply is normal, and no current to the motor.
L298N internal voltage logic circuitry.?This is a high-voltage driver unconventional application?

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