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LINK / V2 ST LINK STLINK STM8 STM32 Emulator Downloader superior protection



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1 To support the full range of STM32 SWD Debugging Interface, the interface is simple, fast, stable;

2 To support the full range of STM8 Download Debugging?Common development environments such as IAR , STVD Etc. are supported?; Supported software versions are as follows:

 ST-LINK Utility 2.0 And above ? STVD 4.2.1 And above

 STVP 3.2.3 And above ? IAR EWARM V6.20 And above

 IAR EWSTM8 V1.30 And above ? KEIL RVMDK V4.21 And above

3 Support automatic firmware upgrades ST ducts follow-up support. The has been upgraded to the latest firmware V2.J17.S4 ;

4 , Increases static electricity tection circuit, output I / O ports are tected, not afraid of static electricity;

5 , duct size only 58mm X 19mm x 11mm Compact, easy to carry, does not occupy space, Shrink tube tection, Feel good, short-circuit of, dust- of;


Notes First :
ST-LINK / V1 versus ST-LINK / V2 Two completely different driving modes , If you had been using V1, Replaced V2 Rear , You need to reinstall the installation ST-LINK / V2 Driving , And you may need to update software .
That ST-LINK / V1 and V2 Computer is completely different device .
Note two :
STLINK / V2 There are versions of the software requirements , details as follows :
 ST-LINK Utility 2.0 And above

 IAR EWARM V6.20 And above
 STVD 4.2.1 And above

 IAR EWSTM8 V1.3 And above
 STVP 3.2.3 And above

 KEIL RVMDK V4.21 And above
Note three :
VISTA, WIN7, WIN8 user , Please install the driver and application administrator mode , The signature of the movable case , Be sure to trust ST LINK V2 Driving (WIN8 You may need to close the signature drive to force only after the successful installation ).
After installation is complete , Device Manager will STMicroelectronics STLink dongle This device .






1. ST-LINK / V2 1 Ge

2. 2.54mm Dupont line (20cm) 5 Gen

3. 4P?XH2.54) debug cable (cable length 30cm) 1 Gen

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