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LM2577 boost module power board DC power adjustable power boost lithium battery boost



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LM2577Boost power supply module is a single-chip boost power supply board. It has a low price, simple regulator, the maximum output current of 3A. It comes overcurrent and overtemperature tection Multifunction. It can be applied to a variety of needs the boost circuit but requires stability, the solution due to the large volume and weight of the battery weight and other factors in duct design limitations


You can consider using it to make a mobile power. Section 2 1.5V lithium battery or batteries connected in series as the power input and output voltage can be ly according to your need between 3V-40V regulation.

You can also use it to various voltages LED lamp powered lighting. Please note that the LED voltage and current requirements, please self-imposed limiting current limiting resistor.

It can also be used for a variety of devices that require higher voltage battery powered operation, such as a conventional 5V 9V 12V 15V These modules are available to meet.

Input voltage: 2.5V ~ 40V

Output voltage: 3 ~ 40V can be continuously

Operating frequency: 50KHZ

Output ripple: less than 50mV

Operating temperature: - 20C ~ + 75C

Efficiency: 80%

Module volume: length 4CM * Wide 2.9CM * 1.4CM high

Working conditions Recommended: Transformation ratio?Output and input?The highest efficiency is within 3 times, stable output current of 2A. 3A above, please consider the heat blem.

This module is a step-up module, please do not use for high input and low output state work. This will make the heating module is not in regulation.

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