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LM2596 DC-DC adjustable step-down module with a voltage meter display



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Input voltage 4.0 ~ 40V ( Input voltage must be higher than the output voltage 1.5v the above. )

 Adjustable output voltage range 1.25V ~ 37V Continuously adjustable ( Input voltage must be higher than the output voltage 1.5V)

 The maximum output current up 3A , Normal and stable operating current 2A

 band The voltmeter shows The use of advanced micro cessors, voltmeter error 0.05V , Range 0 ~ 40V .?Note: To ensure the accuracy of the voltmeter, please ensure that the input voltage 4V the above?

 band Power Indicator

 Touch the button on the right side Switchable measuring input or output voltage, and has a light show which is being measured voltages and, Save Settings Even then power off

 Voltmeter can be turned off When not needed Touch the left button You can easily

 band Terminals No iron can also be easy to use, and retention wire terminal points

 use 150KHz The internal oscillation frequency, belongs to the second generation of switching voltage regulator, low power consumption and high efficiency.

 have Overheating tection and Short circuit tection Features

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