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LM2596S DC-DC buck module DC-DC plug-in version of the big chip YS-02 LM2596S-ADJ



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1, the input voltage: 3.2-35V

Adjustment method: To correct the input power (3.2 -35V between) Then a multimeter to monitor the output voltage and adjust potentiometer (usually clockwise turn boost, buck turn counterclockwise) ,

2. Output 1.25-30V Continuously adjustable (I recommend no-load commissioning)

3, Output current: Rated current 2A, maximum 3A?The need to add heat sink?If the output power greater than 15W, suggested adding fins

4, Conversion efficiency: Up 92%?Output voltage, the higher the efficiency?

4, Static power consumption is only about 3mA.

5. Due to the step-down module, in order stable output, keep a minimum 1.5V differential.

The modular nature of

Non-isolated Buck?BUCK?


Non-synchronous rectification

Input voltage


The output voltage

1.23 V -30V

Output current

3A (max)

Conversion efficiency

92% (max)

Switching Frequency


Output ripple

30mV (max)

Load Regulation


Voltage Regulation


Operating temperature

-40 ? to + 85 ?

External dimensions

41 * 20 * 14?L * W * H??mm?


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