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LM358 breathing light parts / Electronics DIY Fun Production Suite 5mm Flashing lights electronic production suite



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The circuit is particularly suitable for beginners to use, interesting, obvious effect, low production difficult. The assembly implementation, skills training and other material of choice.

Speaking of breathing light, maybe we first thought is Apple. Indeed, from the beginning and powerbook g3 ibook, Apple laptops start adding breathing light design, as long as the user closes the notebook, is located in the front of the notebook was breathing like sleep indicator light flashing, people have praise Apple's creativity. Breathing light function is to allow the light from light to dark to complete the gradual change under control circuits, feels like breathing. It is now widely used in various fields of digital products, computers, stereos, cars, etc., play a very good visual decorative effect.
The core of the circuit is the breathing light LM358, including its internal two independent, high gain, internally frequency compensated dual operational amplifier with an external circuit constitute a more accurate bistable circuit together, R1, R2 constitute double operational amplifier reference voltage divider 6V, R3 is an operational amplifier feedback resistor, C1, R4, R5, R6, W1 decided to control breathing light frequency, the circuit is adjusted by W1.
Operating voltage: 5V

Color: white hair You can also choose other colors according to their interests bright LED, such as red and blue,

Note: This kit consists of PCB boards, electronic components, manuals, schematics composition. Electronic DIY failure is normal, and everyone's ability, the technical level of a great relationship. We can not every friend can DIY success, but we can that the hardware circuit, PCB layout is no problem. If you have some ability, able to read and understand the hardware circuit judge and repair of circuit faults that may occur, you can make a success. Based on our customers and responsible attitude not withheld any possible problems. This disclaimer is only for packages, suite is not finished, it is impossible to obtain the same of the finished product. If you can not accept, or you do not have confidence in their own ability, please do not buy this kit. You only need to follow the instructions on the drawing installing an electronic component soldered, welded to enjoy success and have fun! !




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