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Low Passive buzzer module buzzer trigger Dashboard



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There are a lot of people on the concept of active and passive buzzer buzzer not very clear, here to do a brief introduction, we want to be helpful for future use.


Note that the source here is not referring to the power supply. But to shock source.

Passive buzzer is characterized by:
Parasitic internal source without shock, so if you can not make it with the DC signal tweet. You must use the square wave 2K ~ 5K to drive it
2 controllable-frequency sound, can make hair more than a meter Suola Xi effect.
3 In some cases, you can reuse LED and a control port

Active buzzer is characterized by:
1 active buzzer with internal shock source, so long as a power will be called
2 gram easy to control, the microcontroller can let a high and low sound, and passive buzzer can not.
Each weighs about 6g

A module description
1 module using 9012 transistor drive

2 Operating Voltage 3.3V-5V
6 has a fixed bolt hole for easy installation
7 small PCB board size: 3.3cm * 1.3cm

Two modules Interfaces?3-wire?
1 VCC 3.3V-5V external voltage?SCM can be directly connected with 5v and 3.3v microcontroller?
2 GND External GND
3I / O external microcontroller IO port

Three list

1 a passive buzzer module?Tested?

2 vides information Download?Schematic + Instructions + test gram?


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