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low-power anti-reverse Bluetooth serial backplane with CLEAR button is enabled with Bluetooth expansion board



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1: chip production, stable and reliable
2: Power supply anti-reverse, reverse power is not working
3: Input voltage 3.6 ~ 6V, prohibit more than 7V! !
4: You can install a variety of common models of Bluetooth module, such as the HC05, HC06, HC07, BC04 or other compatible Bluetooth module pin definitions
5: pinout include conventional TXD, RXD, STATE If Pin, easy to use
6: Clear the board set button, you can pin module supports key Such as the HC05, HC06 / HC07 hosting,
7: Set EN Enable pin, floating or connected to high level when the module to work, grounding off the module power After closing current 20uA Reduce power consumption
8: Size: 1.55 * 3.73 (cm)

Note: The default setting when connecting BC04 and hardware from the mode To change the software settings required to fly line from 3.3V to PIO4

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