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MEGA2560 R3 development board official version ATMEGA16U2-MU with USB cable



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Arduino compatible MEGA2560 R3 development board


MEGA2560 2012 R3 is the latest version of the MEGA series arduino compatible controller, and 2011 versions of the differences are as follows:

1. ATMEGA16U2 Alternative versions of the chip 2011 ATMEGA8U2 , ISP FLASH doubling capacity, facilitate a more powerful expansion and development needs. ATMEGA16U2 addition to providing traditional USB-to-serial function, but also allows users to define their own programming other functions, such as the USB port can be configured as a mouse, keyboard, joystick, camera, etc., of course, these applications have yet to be Arduino compatible team disclose the specific embodiments.

2. In the 2011 version of the external interface based on the increase (left position in the AREF) SDA, SCL. IOREF interface can provide a voltage reference to the Shield. And a series of products compatibility for future considerations on the left IOREF reserve a port.

3.RESET circuit than the 2011 version of the improvements. RESET prevent accidental reset, RESET circuit more stable.


Mega Description:

Mega is an ATmega2560 to the core of the microcontroller development board itself has 54 groups digital I / O input / output terminal?14 group do PWM output?, More than 16 sets of analog inputs, 4 UART?hardware serial ports?Using 16 MHz crystal oscillator. Due bootloader, so the program can be downloaded directly via USB without passing other external programmer. Most choose to supply power directly supplied by USB, or use the AC-to-DC adapter and battery as an external power supply.

Due to the open source code, and the use of Java concepts?Cross-platform?C-language development environment for Arduino compatible peripheral module and the application of rapid growth. The main reason for attracting Artist using Arduino compatible can quickly use the Arduino compatible language with Flash or Processing software such as communications, making interactive multimedia works. Arduino compatible development IDE interface is based on open-source principle, it allows you to download of charge in feature production, teaching school, motor control, interactive works and so on.

Power Design

Mega power supply system has two choices, USB direct power supply or external power supply. Select the power supply will be automatically switched. External power supply optional AC-to-DC adapter or battery, the control panel limit voltage range of 6V ~ 12V, but if the supplied voltage is less than 6V, I / O port may not be supplied to the 5V voltage, so there will be no stable; if the supplied voltage is greater than 12V, the regulator will have the device may overheat protection, are more likely to damage the Arduino compatible MEGA. Therefore, the operation of the proposed power supply 6.5 ~ 12V, recommended power supply is 7V or 12V.




Operating Voltage


Input Voltage (recommended)


Input Voltage (limits)


Digital I / O Pins

54 (of which 15 provide PWM output)

Analog Input Pins


DC Current per I / O Pin

40 mA

DC Current for 3.3V Pin

50 mA

Flash Memory

256 KB of which 8 KB used by bootloader


8 KB


4 KB

Clock Speed

16 MHz

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