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MK60DN512ZVLQ10 / K60 core board / smart car / scale / ultra-small 144 feet



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CPU Model: MK60DN512ZVLQ10


Board size: 5.6 * width 4.7 cm long

1, the board comes with MMA7660FC ultra-small low-power three-axis acceleration sensor? gram has been debugged?, While others are still module sales, we here comes standard, no transfer, and soldered to the board on the machine, stable and reliable.

2, USB Interface: USB devices will help you develop,

For example: USB to serial, USB card reader? vide good routine transplant?

3, power supply: core board alone work can use a USB-powered, if loaded into a small car, pin power connector can use 3.3V or 5V power supply, 3.3V and 5V power supply when using simple soldering jumpers.

4, leads all the IO ports, standard 2.54 pitch pin, user-friendly function modules extend onboard function modules are not exclusive IO resources, all IO resources by the user can be configured to use.


5, (optional) Onboard NRF24L01 + wireless module power enhanced version ? plug, detachable? Communication Interface?The gram has been debugged?No longer need to Dupont line or tunnel plate adapter, to facilitate wireless communications test debugging.

When you do the car, you can use the K60 board as a computer terminal for commissioning wireless transponder device, send data to the computer through a serial or USB port K60 manner, K60 and then sent to the car via the wireless module, the car or receive data dynamic debugging wireless trolley traveling movement.




1, MINI-USB cable?Power supply, communication?

2, JLINK emulator and OSBDM adapter plate, adapter plate is sent, not the emulator, not ambiguous oh?Compatible with a variety emulator interface, easy to use development, no longer worry about switching jumpers?

3,10pin cable, dedicated to the JTAG interface simulation K60 development board use.?No longer worry about no suitable connection?

Premiums: 1, JTAG turn K60 JTAG interface, with Jlink, Ulink2, OSBDM etc. emulator, facilitate the development of K60 core board


Premiums: 2, The JTAG 10pin cable, JTAG adapter plate and K60 core board JTAG connection



Premiums: 3, USB power supply and USB data communication lines



Standard: DVD data disc, containing a lot of online home of the development of routines, will not let you in the network struggling to find a, IAR development software?Containing soft harmony Item ?, CW10.2 development software, serial debugging assistant.
You can say a CD in hand, the development of worry



The above has been ported to this development board routine that is through the art shop carefully debugged, ease of use is absolutely reliable. Supporting routines have the relevant technical notes, you can easily migrate to the development of software systems. The above example is constantly updated and adjusted time of purchase, we will give it the latest software packages for you. And continue to vide technical support to help your development.

Please join our technical support

QQ group: 101 739 425?1000 full?

QQ group : 52437819


The following are onboard NRF24L01 + wireless module power enhanced version of the K60 core board is mounted to a state entirely of electronic building blocks mounted, do not take up a lot of space, convenient combination

Optional accessories: NRF24L01 + wireless module power enhanced version


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