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Module TCRT5000 infrared reflective proximity switch sensor module



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TCRT5000 infrared reflective proximity switch sensor module 1
Product Description:
Product Introduction
Please note that buyers: Before the sensor module issues were tested, please get the goods carefully operation, the sensor module improper operation may cause permanent damage.
TCRT5000 photoelectric sensor module is based on an infrared reflective photoelectric switch TCRT5000 infrared photoelectric sensor design. High transmit power infrared sensor photodiode and high sensitivity phototransistor, the output signal by the Schmitt circuit plastic, stable and reliable.
  1. Meter pulse data sampling
  2. Paper shredders fax machine detected
  3. Obstacle detection
  4. Black and white line detection

Basic parameters:

  1. Dimensions: length 32mm ~ 37 mm; width 7.5mm; 5mm thick
  2. Operating Voltage: DC 3V ~ 5.5V, recommended operating voltage of 5V
  3. Detection distance: 1mm ~ 8mm apply focal distance of 2.5mm

Principle and Application Modules

Circuit diagram:

Figure 1 TCRT5000 sensor module circuit schematics
Infrared sensor constantly emits infrared light emitting diode, when the emitted infrared rays are not reflected or reflected back but the intensity is not big enough, the phototransistor has been in the off state, then the output of the module is low, indicating that the diode has been It is off; when the detected object within sensing range, and the intensity of the reflected infrared rays is large enough, saturation phototransistor, the output terminal of the module is high, indicating that the diode is lighted.
Module layout:

Figure 2 TCRT5000 sensor module FIG screen
0-5 Optional PCB area is reserved for the preceding five 1mm spaced micro-grooves, depending on the installation location and the actual distance of the test object surface needs to be trimmed.
Application installation diagram:
In the mounting position from the measured object surface 37mm Case:

Figure 3 TCRT5000 sensor module installation example of FIG.
Installation position from the measured position is 37mm, the optimum detection distance of 2.5mm, it should ensure that the sensor front plane from the sensor interface is 34.5mm, the first micro-grooves cut along the front of the PCB, then fits this case.


  1. Sensor front reserve adjustment reserved area, and if the customer does not indicate in advance that we will retain the full length 5mm
  2. Sensor interface is not welded, matching accessories have 3Pin straight needle and looper, the user according to their needs welding
  3. Always ensure the correct polarity and the power supply voltage range
  4. Works reflective photosensor is a sensor infrared emitting tube emits infrared light, the reception based on the reflection of the infrared light intensity of the size count, it was workpiece or surface detector must have absorption and reflection of infrared light and white parts, the purpose of this receiving tube in order to effectively cutoff and saturation, to count
  5. Use photoelectric sensor and the front surface of the workpiece or the surface of the object to be detected must be kept in parallel, the maximum conversion efficiency of such a photoelectric sensor
  6. A distance in the range of the photosensor and the front surface of the reflector is maintained at a predetermined
  7. Photoelectric sensors must be installed in the absence of direct exposure to bright light at the light due to the infrared light will affect the normal operation of the receiver tube
  8. Launch tube infrared photoelectric sensor current light emitting between 2 ~ 10mA linear current optimum strength, so choose the launch tube should refer to the current value when the current-limiting resistor, if the resistance is too small to lead to the launch tube current is too large, Effect of long launch tube work light failure and service life; If the resistance value is too large to launch tube current is too small on the one hand reduces interference performance of the sensor, on the other hand due to the emission end signal is too weak for the receiver sensitivity requirements more stringent
  9. Photoelectric sensors work long hours when maximum operating current infrared receiver should not exceed 250A
  10. Welding modified sensor, the minimum distance root of the pins and solder joints photosensor not less than 5mm and the welding time should be as short as possible, or easy to damage the die or cause changes in properties of the die

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