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Motor drive expansion board L293D motor plate



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Arduino compatible beginners, Arduino compatible experiment equipment platform, Arduino compatible interactive electronic, Arduino compatible robotics.

Features: multi-function, easy to operate, there is a strong drive library support and feature updates.

The case of I / O takes more while driving the four motors: Disadvantages?Relative Arduino compatible I / O versions in terms of less?, Small power.

You can drive 4 DC motors or 2 stepper motor way while driving two servos, support for the latest Arduino compatible UNO, Arduino compatible Mega 2560


You can match this:
Four DC motor drive and Two servos
Drive two DC motors and stepper motors all the way and Two servos
Drive two stepper motors and Two servos


Arduino compatible is a good electronic Make Entry, with the motor expansion board can become very good robot Develop platform . Here one can drive a variety of simple to slightly more complex ject The full-featured motor expansion board.
This is a common DC drive Module, using 293D Chip low current DC motor driver chip. The pin is made Arduino compatible Compatible, but also convenient Enthusiast Arduino compatible -based fast Develop .

* 2 5V servo motors (servo) port coupled to the Arduino compatible 's high-resolution high-precision timer - no jitter!
* Up to 4-way and 4-way PWM DC motor speed control?Resolution of about 0.5%?
* Up to 2 Stepper motor Reversing control, single / double step control, staggered or micro-step and the rotation angle control.
* 4 H- bridge: L293D each bridge chip vides .0.6A?Peak 1.2A?With current and thermal shutdown tection, 4.5V to 36V.
* Ensure that the pull-down resistor on power motor remains stopped.
* Large terminal terminals make wiring easier?10 - 22AWG?And power supply.
* With Arduino compatible reset button.
* 2 large terminal external power supply terminals and the motor drive power ensure logical separation.
* Compatible with Mega, Diecimila, Duemilanove.
* vide full set of parts for want-it-yourself enthusiast DIY.
* download Easy to use Arduino compatible software library rapid ject development

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