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MT3608 2a DCDC boost board boost module



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2a booster board DC-DC boost module input wide voltage 2 / 24V L 5/9/12 / 28V adjustable 2577


1. Maximum output current: 2A
2. Input voltage: 2v-24v
3. Maximum output voltage: 5V-28v
4. Efficiency: 93%
Instructions for use:
1. Input voltage should not exceed the maximum input voltage
2. Peak current output current does not exceed 2A

3. When the module output voltage can not be adjusted, always equal to the input voltage when the first 10 laps counterclockwise rotary potentiometer or more, then you can use the module perly regulate the voltage. Surge mode: potentiometer face chest, counterclockwise turn boost! (Whenthemoduleoutputvoltagecannotbeadjusted, theoutputvoltageisalwaysequaltotheinputvoltage.Pleaseadjustthepotentiometercounterclockwise20lapsormore. (Letpotentiometeragainstyourchest, counterclockwiseturnboost))


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